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Clipper 6th Man
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Just saw the Dallas lineup for tonights game against Golden State. None of their regulars are in the starting lineup. That doesn't look good...I expected Dallas to go all out, or at least keep a couple of their key players out there. With 9:47 to go in the first half its 36-17 Golden State. Maybe Dallas is thinking back to last year when they were the 4th seed and the Clippers allegedly tanked some of their final games by resting players so that they could fall out of the 5th seed and avoid the Mavericks in the first round. Maybe a little "what comes around goes around".

What this reminds us is that you have to take care of your own business. If the Clippers had won in Sacramento, or had one more victory this season, they would be in the drivers seat and wouldn't have to depend on someone else. If the Clippers fail to make the playoffs, they only have themselves to blame.

Of course, I'm going to be rooting hard for Golden State to kill Dallas in the playoffs if that's how it turns out.

Site Admin
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Yeah I hope karma comes back and bites Dallas right in the ass when they lose to Golden State in the first round. Mark Cuban & gang will be crying about tanking this game then. I can't wait (if it happens) Smile

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Buster Douglas beat Tyson. Still alive. Sorry about the violent post but we ought to raid Avery's house and assinate his dog. The bunbite is we now see what we could have done this year. Truth, the boys blew it, no excuses.We should have had problems with the Spurs the Pistons and Dirk everything else should have been a light lunch. Tonite everyone played with Clipper Pride. I'm gonna be there tomorrow to watch us blow out whatever their name is. Clipps Rule

You guys are talking about draft picks. Do you remember Michael what'shisname and the russian guy? I hope we do a lot better.

Clipper Rookie
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Man F*** that midget he got sum deal struck wit Warrior Princesses F*** that s*** they must b proud of themselves of all that effort they put out man dammn. GO CLIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Site Admin
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Well I wouldn't go that far to say that there might have been a conspiracy, but this makes you wonder:

Rookie Maurice Ager scored a career-high 20 points for the Mavericks, who used 10 players and concentrated on staying healthy.

Coach Avery Johnson expects Nowitzki, Stackhouse, Howard and Dampier to play in Wednesday's season finale at Seattle, where Dallas will attempt to tie three teams for the sixth-most victories in NBA history.

http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/recap?gid=2 ... mp;prov=ap

So they expect to play their regulars against Seattle tomorrow? So why didn't they play at all tonight- what's the difference??? That's is pretty odd....

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My thoughts exactly!

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