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Clipper All-Star
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Im thinking of making some customized Clippers TopBuzz shirts. If we have a good sum of people in favor we can make this a big thing. Let me know if people are willing to buy a custom TopBuzz shirt.

We can have a contest and have you guys submit designs for the shirts!

Clipper All-Star
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Id holla

Clipper Rookie
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Repped High Quality Post

Def a good idea!

Clipper All-Star
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Location: Barcelona
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I would buy one for sure...But it would take someone who could design the tshirt. If it was a cool design I even could buy more tshirts for my mates to expand the ClipperNation in Barcelona.

Nice idea LAC_12. Do you know what it takes to make a design??

Clipper All-Star
Posts: 2345
Location: West Coast
votes: 21

My uncles are in the business, maybe you have heard of them in Europe: Leo Rossi. They will be over to the states soon, and i would be talking with them. I would have worked with them, but their quality is top notch and the cost would be too high for even me to buy a shirt.

I want to create a low cost T shirt that is custom made and represents the Clipper Nation of TopBuzz. So the design would not be too extensive and the quality will not be Lacoste or Affliction or Ed Hardy status (like Europeans are used to). Rather a shirt with a little more quality than those free Fan Patrol shirts, and a design special made to represent us.

As far as the design goes, Ive mentioned if there are enough people who are willing to buy, we could make a contest and have you guys submit designs.

Clipper All-Star
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Don't forget to run all of this by Dave. He owns the name, and I'm sure he is in favor of anything that promotes TopBuzz, but give him a heads up.

Site Admin
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Yeah this sounds like a good idea- I had thought of it before but never really followed through with it. If anyone can come up with some designs maybe we can move forward with this.

Clipper All-Star
Posts: 2345
Location: West Coast
votes: 21

Well then, let me get started on gathering some help.

Clipper All-Star
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Sure, I'd buy one!

Clipper All-Star
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Sounds like a good idea to me. I already have a Clipper Darrell shirt, why not top buzz.

Clipper Starter
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the design has to be good, real good.

I mean great.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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Location: Australia
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i would wear a clippers topbuzz top all day long

its a heaps good idea

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