No Clippers Game on Regular Cable in San Diego

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Clipper D-League Pickup
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As always, the San Diego Union-Tribune sports section had the Rockets-Clippers game listed as being on FSN. (The secondary FSN channel is always blacked out). Of course, the game was not on that channel at all, as usual. Uggghhh.

I may or may not sign up for NBA League Pass, but it seems I have not missed a whole lot so far. I have seen both Clippers-Lakers games, one game carried on a free night of NBA League Pass, and one other game.

Now I have to decide whether or not to invest in NBA League Pass or not. Please do not call me a fair-weather fan. For years, we had no cable at all, but I watched many games on KTLA, using a rooftop antenna. All Clippers games on KTLA are now blacked out on cable. . This was not always so. When Mark Jackson, Charles Smith, Ken Norman, etc. were the Clippers, Cox Cable, San Diego, did not black out these games at all.

Blacking out any Laker of Clippers games in San Diego makes absolutely no sense to me at all, since we do not have any NBA team.

At any rate, I was hoping the Clippers would look a little better than this, although I can understand all the reasons why it is taking them a while to win a game. You have to remember I was a Clippers fan long before they moved to LA, when they were really, really really bad--they had some people starting that never should have been in the NBA at all. (James Brogan and Craig Hodges were the starting guards, and I am sure nobody on this board has ever heard of James Brogan).

Even though they did not win a whole lot, the year of Darius Miles & company was fun to watch, win or lose. I was hoping this year it would be the same, but that is not what I have seen at all so far.

Anyway, I am not sorry I did not get the 20 dollars discount for signing up for NBA League Pass early, mostly to see the Clippers, as this would not have good use of my entertainment dollars. When the Clippers either start to play basketball that is entertaining to watch, or win a few games, or both, then I guess I will shell out that money. I still resent it though--I should be able to watch the games for free and use the money saved to drive up to see live Clippers games once in awhile.

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1 question OSDF. What service do you have and what is offered in your area. I know certain areas only alllow certain companies to provide service. I have a friend in Vegas that gets Dodger games blacked out quite often by KCAL and he is also pissed. I was just wondering if there were any other alternatives.

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