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I'm as big of a Maggette fan as anyone else, but lets face it... he's gotta go. I thought of a perfect trade that we can make...

Corey Maggette and the #14 pick

for Paul Pierce

What do you guys think about this???

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No way would I trade a main piece of this team after last year's finish. they played too good near the end to mix it all up. The momentum and chemistry are needed.

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There are only two reliable players on the roster right now. Guys that produce night in and night out. That's Corey and Elton. So, I say you have to keep those two guys. But if you were going to trade Corey and the 14, I would want Ray Allen. But if we can get Rudy Fernandez at 14, thereby keeping Corey, we are better off and our team will be deeper. Rudy will make Corey and Elton better because of the 3 point shooting. Then if Guillermo Diaz comes in with his 50% 3 points shooting from last season, the defense will really be spread out trying to stop all the shooters. Rudy and Cory can drive to the hoop and the lane will be open for Kaman and Brand to do their work. The possibilites here are actually wonderful. Your idea is good, it is just not the best we can do.

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At the 1st of last season I was really down on 50. He played with the intellegence and control of a bull moose but at mid season he played his heart out and began to develop some. If over the summer he learns to pass better and learns when he should dish when he penetrates and betters his three , ( I'll settle for any two) I still think he could be considered for all-stardom. Remember he was being considered in 6th man last yr (yeah maybe not too seriously but...) 42 and 50 are our rocks.

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HEHE, they were the two players we RE-Signed a few years back and everybody praised Donald Sterling for bucking the perceived tradition of letting our good players go elsewhere. It's just about time that Maggette has stepped up. We are getting the most out of those signings right now and that's the way it should go.

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I think the trade is intriguing because Paul Pierce is a superstar, but on the other hand Corey is no slouch and our #14 pick should be a solid player also. So I'm 50/50 about it. I'm not sure if Boston is willing to trade Pierce, however.

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