Martell Webster

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He's with the Blazers and He's pretty good with the 3's and good at getting easy layups.

He's young, high potential and i think he'd be good if he played for the Clips!


Aaron Williams & Daniel Ewing


Martell Webster

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Hey Clips give me his statistics from last season

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That would work for me, but I dunno if the teams would do it.

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If I was the Blazers, I wouldn't do it. It's been pretty well communicated that the Clippers do not have future plans for Ewing and Williams, so if Portland wanted these guys, they could pick them up without giving up someone like Webster (who still has some promise).

Portland fans would be livid about trading a former lottery pick for a 2nd rounder.

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Yeah I agree that would be a steal for the Clippers, though Martell hasn't exactly been living up to this potential.

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HEHE, it's hard to thrive in that environment (Portland). Zach Randolph is a mean M'F'er, and he turned into a star, but how does a young player from high school thrive without veteran leadership and good play around him?? It's hard. Look at the Atlanta Hawks, lol.

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