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I believe that in all these speculations, assumptions, and hopeful wishes concerning about the Draft, Free-Agency, Point Guard problems... I believe the first thing the Clippers Organization needs to focus on is giving ELTON BRAND an new contract extension because there will be a lot of teams out there trying to acquire him for a big trade, which I wouldnt mind, but if it involves the real strength which holds down the Clippers then I'd decline any trade involving Brand. I know that Elton Brand would never think about leaving the Clippers, but there's always a "MAYBE" in all situations when a team becomes to decline after a damn good season a few years back.

The Corey Maggette situation, SC & SL problem & who the team would draft would not matter if the team does not have Elton Brand. So I believe that's where the Clippers need to work him a new extension!

what ya'll think? give some input!

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I agree, you couldn't build much of a team without EB as the focal point. Now you might get good value in a trade for him. However I don't like that idea. EB represents what I like about the Clippers, and without him it woudl be difficult to support.

But with the cap limitations, how much more could you give him?

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OK, I am going to speak the unspeakable. Trading Elton Brand. The thought never entered my mind before this discussion. He is the legit 20/10 man and a warrior who rarely gets hurt. But can he bring us a championship? Can he take over the 4th quarter, like Kobe or King James, and bring you a victory in the playoffs no matter what? And if not, his value on the trade market could bring you one of the premier players in the league who possibly could get the job done. So the question is, what is our goal? To have a nice team that never wins anything? A team that we can enjoy watching, and nod our heads in approval at EB's play, as we get bounced from the first round of the playoffs? I report, you decide!

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Well I see what you're saying JamFan. But Kobe only won a championship with Shaq and James hasnt yet and he has no other star to carry the team. What I'm saying is for what you're talking about (taking over the game) that Elton is the Shaq to our Kobe. We just have to find our Kobe (metaphorically).

I'm all for extending his contract, but we're gonna have to wait until next year I believe. We need to let some cap room free up so we can make a fair offer.

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Good point JamFan. But any guy you're talking about getting in exchange for EB probably has more value than EB. For example, the Cavs wouldn't give up James for EB. Same for Dirk, Arenas, DWade.

EB is great, but he's not one of the top 5 guys in the league. I don't see anyone trading us a true "game changer" for him.

This is just my opinion, though.

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By all means the Clippers must extend him- he's a great team guy and a perennial All-Star. He can do it on either end, and he works hard. It'd be great, however, if the Clippers are able to extend him for less than the max so they'd have more $ to sign other guys.

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