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The Clippers play the 4-2 Hornets today- should be a good challenge. The Hornets blew a 27 point lead their last game so they're especially motivated to get a win.

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excellent win!! it was nice to have an early game, lol.

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Today I can see Clippers result before go to bed...and furthermore...a win!!!I will go to sleep with a smile in my face.Everybody's just perfect

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Yeah definitely another the team effort. Guys were passing the ball and everyone was getting touches. Nice to see EB do well once again. Tim Thomas came in and shot the lights out from deep, and Q was terrific on both ends. And now the collision on Tuesday against the 6-1 Jazz in Utah- it's gonna be something!

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I think the quote of the night pretty much summed up the game (from the Clipper's announcer)

"Welcome to my tortue chamber, Chris Paul" - Sam Cassell

And Kamen needs to start getting his act together. I'm not saying that much because the Clippers are winning, but he's on 4 of my 5 fantasy teams for crying out loud!

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Bring on the Utah Jazzies we take them down and take over the Western Conference! Kirilinko is hurt so Clips should walk all over them. My prediction Clippers 98, Jazzies 87!!!

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