Sun Ming Ming the next Yao Ming?

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Let's talk about Sun Ming Ming (7' 9") for a sec David if you read this topic I think I read something about him in the LA Times last season. here's his clips He's got a lot of work to do but I think his next step is to jump in the NBDL after he's in the ABA that's what people need to do if they have trouble developing in the NBA like Korolev he should've been in the NBDL for 2 years. His footwork needs to improve, lateral movement, shooting, a lil bit of everything has to improve. Give him some....

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Yeah the guy is just huge but he seems to be pretty slow-footed. If anything he can be a defensive presence like Manute Bol- if he can carve out a niche like that he could make it in the NBA.

Apparently he's in Rush Hour 3 with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker Smile

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If Sun can condition himself into a player that can run the court (even in limited minutes), then he could definitely carve out a niche. However, last I heard was that he was trying to raise funds to get surgery to stop his abnormal growth.

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TG did u read my topic? He already had surgery and he had RADIATION to improve his conditioning.

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Hey, we got nothing to lose by sending him to Vegas for the summer league. Its just a chance to see if he has anything. NBA teams often have guys sitting on the end of the bench who are marginal players. But I think we need a back up center since nobody is signed so far (I think) for that role. The one thing that Sun was good at was blocked shots, and you can imagine why.

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