We need players to fit our system or a new system

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I am very disapointed how Baron has quit on the coach and the fans. We need to seriously consider whether we will keep our coach and our franchise player, or both need to go. I know that Dunlevy likes to throw the ball down in the post. He loves his forwards and he actually wins games by doing this. Thats why Randolph looks so effective. Dunlevy does not like to run and gun, which is Baron style.

We need players that fit our system which is pound the ball in the hoop.

I think we should keep our bigs, kaman and Randolph. I think we should trade Camby, even though I would hate to do it, but I think he is going to leave in 2010 anyway so we might as well get something for him. Ideally, I'd love to keep all the bigs. Who fits this pound the ball in system. Shooters and defenders on the perimeter. We need a deliberate pass first point guard, and a small forward that can shoot and defend.

I would offer Camby for Ben Gordon in a sign and trade, that way the Bulls don't get embarrassed when Gordon bolts. I might offer Kaman and thorton for Beasley. I don't know, just get rid of Baron and start over.

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camby for gordon is good, but if i were dunleavy i would sit down and tell camby that the only reason they r trading him is becasue they feel sorry for him being stuck on this team. so dunleavy should make it seem like the team was the problem, and that we r doing this for his own good. also, we have to do that 3 way trade , give baron to gs, gs gives maggs to sac, and sac gives beno udrih to us. we keep thornton and kaman. this will be our most perfect team since 05-06.

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I'm up for anything about now, but we are seeing a tide change from what we have came into the season with. From trading Cat and TT to Mike and DJ getting a little more burn nothing has gone as planned.

By deadline we should give Camby to a contender and thank him for trying to rebuild a team. In trading Camby we should pick up a nice young players.

With trading Baron we should get a solid PG and some picks. Overall this will have to be the ultimate bailout plan for the franchise.

Mike Dunleavy will also need to be fired it's not even about was it him or Baron he just has to get away from this franchise. I'm not even sure I want him as GM, him possible hovering over a head coach messing up development is too risky.

Take a strong draft and build the team around Z-Bo and EG (for as long as they stay) and wait for development to take it's toll.

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omg how bout we draft me in a couple of years (hopefully 2nd round) lol

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