The draft pick I'd never want the Clippers to take...

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Clipper 6th Man
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Joakim Noah!

I just have a passion to hate this guy!

He's immensely cocky, waaaay too much confident that he'd be a big time player...I see him being the new age Ron Artest!

He reminds me of Anderson Varejao but w/less skill and with an attitude problem.

Did ya'll see that video on ESPN about it?? PLaying pool??

His skill generally consist of rebounding and measly layups and dunks....nothing spectacular. Anyone can rebound, make layups and dunk!

Seriously...I have so much to say about this guy, but if the clippers end up pickin' him up...I'll deny ever being a clipper fan (ouchh! see my disgruntled opinion towards this dood!!!)

someone needs to cut this fool's hair!

Clipper All-Star
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he is one player that I have pegged as a guy who could drop in the draft. Last season his numbers and shooting percentages dropped over the prior year. He doesn't shoot well when he gets very far from the hoop and doesn't shoot free throws very well. So, I think he drops. He is up there because he came from a championship team, but I think there are better forwards on the board below him.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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I wouldnt get him

Clipper All-Star
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Yeah I've been saying for a while, that the team who picks him may think he'll be a superstar, when he'll actually be lucky to be a solid backup. His offense is a major weakness. It may have worked in college, but this is the NBA.

Clipper Starter
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plain and simple...he sucks

Clipper Starter
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Fan909 - that's harsh! I'm sure Noah would be fine as someone's second round pick, earning $300,000 and throwing down some dunks in garbage time. wink

Clipper All-Star
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Now that someone has talked about Varejao I only can say that when he was playing here in Barcelona he was an average player...In fact he did the same things: fall to the floor for offensive faults, play with high intensity and no more...For me is incredible that this kind of player could get 7-8 millions as it is talked.Ah!And about Noah I only have seen him playing in the last Final Fours and I'm not impressed.Thats' all

Clipper All-Star
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Location: Green Bay, WI
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I like Varejao, mostly cause of his energy and his hair rules, but I agree with him being an average and limited player in the NBA.

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