What version was the Clippers of 2005-06 season

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When the clippers made their first NBA playoff appearance in 2005-06 season was they more like the San Antonio Spurs The Tim Duncan era (1997-present) or the Phoneix Suns The Run n' Gun era (2004-present). What new era can we build upon if we're the LA Clippers? I know that we got a good nucleus of players but what version was we and could we take it to the next level?

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That's a good point Steel. Since the 2005-06 Clippers were one of the top defensive teams I'd have to say the Spurs. Although I must say that they didn't, as is the case with all the Dunleavy Clipper teams, have a true identity. Dunleavy kind of prides in the team being flexible, being able to run or slow it down. But that sort of mentality kind of takes away from your identity. I mean okay so you can play fast and loose and you can do half court well too, but are you master of either?

I think the Spurs have consistently proven that defense is the key (complemented by a very efficient, ball-movement oriented offense). And I think the Clippers need to get back to that. Instead of conforming to the opposing team's style, why not impose our own style upon the opponents instead.

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Definitely Spurs. The Spurs K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) and they win. The Clippers had a bit of that going in 05-06. We have an advantage in that we are a very versatile team, but sometimes that only works when you know exactly how to use everyone. That's tricky. Based on Dunleavy's recent comments, seems like he was not impressed with hisself or the team with last year's performance and that working harder on the fundamentals of winning and not letting the focus slip will be the regiment. The team was very close that playoff year, and now our young guys have matured and grown. We should see an improved result this year, and maybe a bit more Spurs with a touch of the Suns, we'll all be franticaly cheering come June.

Bring back Walter McCarty, our good luck charm...lol, j/k!!!

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more like a Spurs and Suns mix?

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