Earl Boykins Opts Out- Should We Sign Him?

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Little Earl Man-Kins has opted out of his contract in Milwaukee. Now he was supposed to get $3 mil the coming season, so he must be thinking that he could get more. He is an ex-Clipper as many of us remember. So the question is- should the Clippers consider signing him? I'm just not sure- if we could get him for like $4 mil for 2 years I'd say go for it, but he's probably expecting much more than that. Or unless he just wants to get out of Milwaukee.

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Yes to Boykins. He's still effective, has some history with the Clipps and is a crowd favorite. A very good 2nd PG option.

But they should wait to see what happens in the draft and early FA process before they go for him (to see what their PG needs really are).

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he would be a good choice for us saves us some cap money and a good 1-2 punch for Hart-Boykins

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if we do that we will need some outside shooting as a small forward or someone to clean up the boards for Brand

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I enjoy and admire Earl Boykins's game, but we can find much better solutions to our PG problem than him. He's a good second option, but not a starter. We wont have room to sign Boykins if we sign a vet PG to be our starter. Nice thought, but I'm gonna be realistic here and say that signing him wouldnt be much help.

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