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What do you guys think is the best overall line-up so far for the Clippers? I think it's:






Remember how that line up DESTROYED Dallas in the second half of that game. GO CLIPS!

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Well according to the Lenovo Stat (the new +/- stat put up on, surpringly the following lineup is the most effective at +19:

T. Thomas C. Mobley C. Maggette C. Kaman S. Livingston

The lineup you alluded to is 2nd, not too shabby at +14:

S. Cassell C. Mobley E. Brand Q. Ross S. Livingston

The WORST 5 player combo is the following at -8:

S. Cassell T. Thomas C. Mobley E. Brand S. Livingston

The most potent 2 player combo is by far Cassell and Ross together- they tallied +51. 2nd place goes to the tandem of Cassell & Brand at +30. Maggette together with Kaman is also +30.

As for individual players, here's the breakdown:

Player PLUS MINUS +/- Games

Q. Ross 422 -384 38 7

C. Maggette 365 -342 23 7

S. Cassell 456 -435 21 7

T. Thomas 412 -393 19 7

E. Brand 540 -530 10 7

J. Singleton 28 -21 7 3

C. Kaman 328 -324 4 7

A. Williams 4 -1 3 1

S. Livingston 408 -406 2 7

P. Davis 11 -12 -1 3

D. Ewing 24 -26 -2 3

C. Mobley 507 -511 -4 7

Quinton Ross has a whopping +38, followed by Maggette at +23, Cassell at +21, Thomas at +19, and Brand with +10. Surprisingly Mobley is the worse at -4.

I know it's early but these #'s are indicative of which combinations have been effective for the Clippers in the first 7 games.

Checkout the Lenovo stat for the Clippers here: ... m=Clippers

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Funny, I would've thought Cassell would've made the starting lineup for sure. He's been the greatest steadying force all season. As for the Worst Combo, I would've believe Cassell and Livingston would make great combo guards, since it's always good to have two very good ballhandlers. It's great to see Quinton Ross as the prime team player. He's fast becoming the Clippers glue guy.

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