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When is Randolph coming back? Does anybody really know??? Projected Date?

When is Kaman coming back? Does anybody really know??? Projected Date?

When is Baron Davis coming back? Projected Date?

When is R.Davis coming back? Will he be back for the next game against ATL?

Do you guys think there will be a big trade involving the Clippers before the trade deadline?

Do you think Marcus Camby (or anyone for that matter) will request to be traded?

Why does Washington get so much love in the power rankings even with a record worse then ours?

IFFFF we get all our guys back by the time the All-Star break is over, do you see the team having a winning record after the all-star break?

What do you think we'll gain in the long/short run from the favors we recently did for Toronto and Denver?

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Randolph and Baron should be back sometime this week or next week.

Kaman they said won't be ready until after the all-star break.

Ricky has finished his suspension and I expect him to play tomorrow. I really don't think the league would think to kindly of Ricky not playing tomorrow.

Probably no trades the rest of the year. I think the team is high on what they have now and it would take a special deal for them to make a move. The rest of this year is all about growing as a team for next year.

Nobody will request a trade. I really don't think Marcus likes moving and his family has settled in here.

We get no love because we've lost 11 in a row.

I think we'll start winning for sure. We've got a great spot right now for the draft, but we are the Clips and we'll win enough to screw up the high pick we'd get. That's fine by me as well. Learning how to win as a team will go along way as to how good we are next year.

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And that answers everything perfectly. Spot on hooch.

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ditto.....well done

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I know I haven't posted a lot lately, but I'm with you guys.

I've always hated the idea of playing (or tanking, to be more accurate) for draft picks...the draft is most definitely a crap shot. With this franchise's history of draft picks (except in most recent years), I can't trust that we can find that franchise savior that Don, Andy, and the rest of the boys have forever craved. I think we found a gem in Eric Gordon, and if he can ever develop a more all-around game...Al Thornton can be another building block for this team. The Clippers have to do a much better job of scouting...college, internationally, free agency, etc.

I'm still with my Clippers...I can just hope that we can finally pull this thing together for years to come.

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its frustrating not knowing when Baron and Zach are coming back. It just always says next week. That doesnt help at all.

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