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Clipper 6th Man
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Al Thornton & Jared Jordan...


Al Thornton was the guy that I didnt expect the Clippers to pick, but I guess thats what the team believed who they needed help build their core. All in all...I still believe Nick Young was the man they needed the most. The Clippers doesnt need help with Rebounds, all they need is to let Singleton play more 'cuz he can pretty much do a good job on the boards and just get a good free-agent. Its sad that the Clippers year in and year out have not done a good job when it comes to Draft....I think that Elgin Baylor needs to just step away from his job as GM and let Dunleavy go...

If this season doesnt cut it with the Clippers decision making on their picks, it would be too late. Elton Brand & Corey Maggette's contracts are due next season and age is a factor as well as $$$.

HOPEFULLY & WISHING ALOT!!! That the clippers make trade moves or free-agent signings b/c come on...Al Thornton doesnt sound "CLIPPERS" to me...

oh well..maybe im still in denial. I appologize for my negativity...

Clipper Starter
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I still think Thornton will contribute right away he's very energetic and a hard worker. Their overall draft philosophy was to take the best player available in 2007 NBA Draft. As for Jordan goes he was a steal for the 2nd round great basketball IQ but lack of defense and athleticness. Overall B I would have gave em an A if they picked Nick Young but decided to go another direction. Al Thornton gives em rebounding, defense, trip to the free-throw line, perimeter shooting which they desperately need because he's a streaky shooter that makes up for the 14th pick.

Overall Grade: B

Clipper All-Star
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I'll give them a B. Thornton is a great backup for Maggette. Insurance and versatility I guess. He is an amazing player, I just didnt expect it and I was really hoping Nick Young was picked, since he was available. They passed on finding a shooter, but got a playmaking PG in Jared Jordan. He isnt typical of an NBA player, but I think he's got a chance to make the team, learn from Cassell, and maybe, just maybe, he'll end up like Stockton or Nash. He'll probably have to work on his shooting a bit more though. That's an improvable skill though!!

Overall Grade: B...it was nothing special, but it just may have been what the Doctor orders. None of us saw these two picks coming, but in retrospect, they may have been the right choices for the direction the Clippers are heading.

Site Admin
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Overall I like the picks. Thornton adds athleticism and PF/SF versatility to the lineup. I can foresee him playing PF if Kaman is not playing and Brand is moved to center. Or with him in there Maggette could move to SG. Imagine these huge lineup possibilities:

PF: Elton Brand

SF: Al Thornton

C: Chris Kaman

SG: Core Maggette

PG: Sam Cassell


PF: Al Thronton

SF: Tim Thomas

C: Elton Brand

SG: Corey Maggette

PG: Sam Cassell

Jared Jordan reminds me of Steve Nash a little- his point guard skills are undeniable. His shooting is not nearly good enough but no reason why he couldn't improve that aspect of his game.

Overall Grade: B+

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Hey, we got a guy that was rated as high as 7 in some mock drafts. Clipper fans are going to like this guy a lot. I like the idea of Maggette playing some shooting guard with Thorton at SF.

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I haven't seen these guys so I'm not gonna give any mark...When you draft a player you always hear positive things and bla,bla,bla...I don't wanna have any great expectations with these two players until I could see them playing

Clipper All-Star
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Jared Jordan's pic kind of reminds me of young John Stockton. Stockton wasn't a great athlete, didn't have leaps or great quickness, and look what he accomplished. I think he is second all time in the NBA in assists. He might be #1, I can't remember. If we are really lucky, Jared will turn into John Stockton. The scouting reports say that somehow, someway, he gets the job done. In predraft camp they said he was definitely the leader of team. He is not afraid to take the reigns of a team and drive them. He could be fun to watch. Stockton and Malone, who are they? Now its Jordan and Thorton!

Clipper All-Star
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... without the short shorts and the boring style of play.

Clipper Starter
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At first I was dissapointed at the pick cuz I was really looking forward to drafting a guard. But then I realized, we had just gotten Al Thorton. This kid is special, and we definately made the right move, I have been critical in the past about the Clippers draft picks, but for the first time I'm actually pleased, he was supposed to go way higher and the best part is we don't have to wait around for this guy, he is nba ready. But we do have a problem, we got too many guys playing the same position and still lack an outside threat. With this draft pick, tim thomas has become useless, cuz thornton may not be as good of a scorer as him, but can do everything else better. I say we trade thomas for an expiring contract or a future draft pick, go after franchise, and find a way to sign kapono (maybe we can do a sign and trade with thomas).

Future Clippers lineup:






Bench: Thorton & Kapono (high energy guy and outside threat to come off bench)

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