Al Thornton vs. Al Horford/Noah, vs. Brendan Wright

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Check out these head-to-head matchups Thornton's had with guys drafted above him:

vs. Al Horford and Joaquim Noah, December 3, 2006

Al Thornton: 28 pts, 9 rebounds Al Horford: 4 pts, 6 rebounds J. Noah: 11 pts, 5 rebounds

vs. Brendan Wright, January 7, 2007

Al Thornton: 29 pts, 12 rebounds Brendan Wright: 20 pts, 5 rebounds

vs. Brendan Wright, March 9, 2007

Al Thornton: 12 pts, 6 rebounds Brendan Wright: 11 pts, 2 rebounds

-- ... erId=15564

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Yeah and dropped 37 and 38 points against Duke and North Carolina. We might have just gotten extemely lucky. Clips management may have finally got it right in the draft.

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Wow, just watched the You Tube video attached our feature article on him. Runs the break with the skills of Magic Johnson, shoots from the outside like Kobe, drives to the hoop better than Maggette, and plays power forward around the hoop like a young James Worthy. I'm impressed, he seems to have the skills to do it all.

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Since he has been drafted by the Clippers I have watched many videos and read many things about this guy...And some of them are opposite...I have read he's the Maggette 2.0 version for example...I'm gonna wait to see his stats with the Clippers jersey before making any comment. What is a fact is that he was ranked better than the final 14th position he has been picked...

As you know I expected Rudy being picked higher than the 24th pick I think he has been picked...He's better than Belinelli and he will show it in Portland, I have no doubt...Do not expect him to be playing next year in NBA (it was possible only if he had been picked into the the first 15 picks...). With Oden, Roy & Co. I really think that the Blazers will be championship contenders after 3 years.

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The Blazers did everything right to turn themselves around. It's gonna take them a moment to find their game without Randolph, but they lost a lot of close games last year and if they close the gap on those, they can be a playoff team with a coach like Nate McMillian and the right players, which they just might have now. The Sonics did very well too, i think. The Bulls wasted a pick, lol. Detroit went shooting guard crazy! and the Bucks better be doing a big trade or they're plain idiots.

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