Dunleavy on Thornton, Singleton to Become Free Agent

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Looks like we have seen the last of James Singleton in a Clipper uniform Sad, according to this article. Obviously Thornton is an upgrade for the Clippers from Singleton, but we all wished that he had more playing time with team. In stark contrast to the Korolev pick, the Clippers selected 23-year-old Al Thornton in this year's NBA draft. Thornton has two similarities with Korolev. Both are small forwards, and both were selected in the lottery portion of the draft....

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Oh no.......I'm really sorry for James!!!!!!Which teams will pick up him ? I hate coach Dunleavy

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I'm shocked. The Clipper lineup is short handed already. We are not deep at all. Not keeping Singleton just shows how inept Coach Dunleavy is. "The great talent UN EVALUATOR." How many guys do we have left that can play next season, 8 or 9. If the sign scrubs just because they can buy them cheap, we will have the same problem we had last year with Coach not using his bench, and wearing our....

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I wish we could keep Singleton instead of Tim Thomas, but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Was it really Dunleavys decision?? I think it was a collective decision. Why pick up a contract of a player who will probably get less playing time cuz we drafted Thornton? I understand the decision, I dont really like it because if Dunleavy played him more, we'd probably be keeping him...but we'll move on and hopefully he'll find a good team (in....

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