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So and again Eric moved down. But anyways. Its funny what DJ said.

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I felt bad for Eric tonight against the Lakers, they let Kobe get away with murder whenever he's "defending" a rookie. I can't remember the last time Kobe didn't reach on defense.

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eg is on a little slump as of lates hope he can shake it off last thing we need is EG hitting the "rookie wall" right now. Also would like to see more dominance from Al.

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Ok so Deandre Jordan is amazing and He should be our new starting center from now on. Trade Kaman for something pretty good and have Camby come off the bench next year. DJ is a young Dwight Howard. I was just stunned at how well he played.

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I'm happy our young guys are coming together like this! 11 point loss to the Lakers! If Bynum didn't drop 42 and 15 we would of had this game so easy. DJ is doing very well, this is super exciting. Novak is doing better too. Like some of you said, these injury problems will deepen our team next year cause these young guys will be developed.

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Trade Al. I've watched every game this year and I have to say, Al cannot shoot from outside.

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This 41 point game by Eric will raise him higher in the rookie rankings this week for sure!!

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Gordon's ability to lead his team to victory can only be compared to Rose and Mayo this season. I like Westbrook and Lopez's games, but EG needs to be in that 3 spot at least.

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