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If you want to be a part of something big, or that has the potential to be huge, then this is for you.

I need a Clippers site manager. What you do is update tha team's site. You don't have to do rosters or schedules (I'm doing 'em myself). You'll be in charge of the front page news. A paragraph or 2 is all that's necessary, but you can write more.

Here's an example of what you would write:

Easy stuff.

Right now, it won't be tough keepin' up with the news. During the season, you'll have to do games...and honestly, it's not that bad, either, you're expected to write 2 paragraphs about it. If you can make 5 posts a day here, you can make one a day for the team news.

There will be subforums where you'll post your news. You'll be responsible for signings, trades, waivers, rumors, and games (and anything else having to do with the Clippers).

I'll be usin' RSS to place your news on the team site that will be available soon. It can be something incredible, or it can be a all depends on how well everyone works together on this.

If you want in, you gotta be dedicated to it. This ain't like joining a member group here, it's taking a bigger role not just for this Clipper team site:

The quality of the Clippers team page will depend on you, and you'll be the featured star if you can get it done.

Sign up below:


Dave, that's what I wanted to PM u about, man.. Unfortunatelly, I couldn't... WTF iz wrong wit' that Inbox/Outbox stuff here?!!

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If you were going to do this sort of advertisement, it would have been nice if you would have asked Dave for permission beforehand. There are many fan sites that would not only delete this from their site but banish you forever. Not cool. I used to think you were cool. Have a nice day.

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Thank you JamFan. I will say this though- if you want to be part of the best Clipper fan site around- stick around here instead Smile.

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Age: 28
Posts: 340
Location: Bulgaria, EU
votes: 5

Well, maybe I did try to ask Dave fa permission befo'hand... But fa some strange (and rather stupid) reason all my Outbox PMs were deleted.. (WTF iz wrong wit' this site?!)I got tired of writin' this same thing again and again, so I just posted it.

I used to think you were cool too, JamFan..

Have a really nice day!! (Dayumm..)

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