Should we give our head coach our last chance this season?

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Do you think we should fire Dunleavy?
 40%  [2]
 60%  [3]
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Overall do you think Mike Dunleavy should be fired if he doesn't make the playoffs this year for 07/08 season? His biggest mistake was drafting Yaroslav Korolev and Paul Davis. They should've gotten Danny Granger he's averaging 12 ppg in Indiana. I don't think he's got anymore chances. What do you all think? And if we fire Dunleavy what head coach fits into our equation? Not many head coaches out there to take the Clippers job.

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I think if the Clippers miss the playoffs again this season, firing Dunleavy may well be a possibility. It'll depend on the circumstances too. I mean if all the starters go down to injuries (knock on wood!) and we don't make the playoffs then of course you can't blame it on the coach. But let's give this team a chance- I think they can do some major damage!

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Dunleavy is a nice guy, and I smart guy, and a good practice coach. He falls down in two areas. He is not a good game time coach, especially in crunch time, he mistakes have been well documented. Ane he is a lousy talent evaluator and does not know how to use his talent.

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PJ Carleisimo is the only available coach right now I'd approve of replacing Dunleavy. And Id still wait and see how we do this year. Dunleavy gets a 6.5/10 rating from me for coaching.

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Didn't Dunlevy just sign his extension this year? Anyways, I don't think the Clippers are ready to get rid of Dunlevy just yet. Dunlevy is a proven coach, which is a lot more than what's available right now. And I much rather have an average coach (not to say Dunlevy is average), than the volatile coaching situation the Clippers had a few years ago.

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  • Yes, fire DUMBleavy.

  • We need someone like Doc Rivers or Byron Scott, IMHO.

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