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Hello Clippers Fans....Singleton is not doing the Summer league with Phoenix and on Singleton isn't a Unrestricted free agent......He's still a Clipper or not ? If not is he a free agent ?? and if yes which teams will pick up air James ?Thanks a lot

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Well he's definitely been let go by the Clippers. I suppose there is a tiny possibility that he could return to the Clippers at a lower cost, but I'm sure he probably wants to get a fresh start with another team, or even go back to Europe. We'll see- he'll end up some where. Same goes to Ewing too. I looked around but I don't see either of them on any Summer League roster right now.

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Get him back! He has great potential as a defensive stopper for all-stars (Kobe, Lebron, T-Mac). Nobody else on the squad is a better match-up. Maybe Thorton in a couple years.

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Singleton has probably signed a kind of unguaranteed contract that gets him in the Summer League, but he will have to earn a roster spot with the Suns. If its not guaranteed, that is risky for him. However, during summer league, teams will get a look at him and if the Suns do not step up to the plate, he could be wisked away by another team. If you assume we will bring in a free agent PG, and assuming Diaz or Jordan make the team, and with Korolev coming back, and Thorton added to the roster, there isn't any room for Singleton with the Clippers.

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If, let's say, Tim Thomas goes down and we need help, I bet they'd sign him if he wasnt playing elsewhere.

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id hate to see him go. wow he was good, a little work needs to be doen, ad some direcctions need to be pointed, but hes awsome and a great player.

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I don't think he would return to the Clippers even at a lower cost...

He'll probably wanna start over with a new team. Or like Dave said, see how things are in Europe.

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