E.B. May Not Play for USA

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Do You think EB can use a lil' summer rest?
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Don't think so.
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Hmmm, I kinda hope he ain't cleared.. Don't wanna see him tryinna battle through injuries fa da FIBA Americas Championship only to have him fall flat on his face durin' the season. There's a ton of PFs who can be the starters for the USA: Dwight, Oden, Prince, Chandler, Bosh, whoever! Play all the more fa Team USA come FIBA time.

EB needs to rest.

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Sounds GOOD to me! I wouldn't doubt the decision came at the prodding at the Clipper management Smile.

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^ Word Up!! Hope they hear you, bro! Hope they listen to these wordz of wisdom...

Besides, EB might as well git some tyme 2 practice passin' or some parts of his game that he ain't very good at..

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EB has been playing every summer for the USA team and I think he definetelly deserves a free summer where he could just rest and be ready for the team that is paying him lots of dollars

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