EB's "Rescue Dawn" in Theaters!!

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Rescue Dawn - In Theaters

Clippers FW Elton Brand makes his Hollywood debut as the co-producer for the film "RESCUE DAWN", opening with exclusive engagements in Los Angeles and New York beginning July 4th. Opens everywhere July 20th.

In the history of great escapes there is no other story like that of Dieter Dengler, the only American to ever break out of a POW camp in the impenetrable Laotian jungle during the Vietnam War. After months plotting his getaway, Dengler escaped and survived the death-defying wilderness. This journey demonstrated to the world Dengler¹s indomitable will to survive and the strength of the human spirit to triumph against the most impossible odds.

Now, from legendary director Werner Herzog (“Grizzly Man”. “Fitzcarraldo”) and starring acclaimed actor Christian Bale ("Batman Begins") comes the incredible true story of a man who, from the depths of total darkness, blazed his own willful path to freedom. A blistering action-adventure and a stark epic of survival, RESCUE DAWN reveals how Dieter Dengler relied on the most primal qualities of evasion, endurance, tenacity, and brotherhood to find his way home.

Watch the trailer at:



Kinda disappointed 'cuz I wanted to see EB in action himself..

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This should be an exciting movie- hey maybe EB is in there some where as an extra Wink.

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I sure hope so! I'd be really disappointed if I don't see EB in action himself..

(But even if he ain't in, guess we gotsta giv' EB some time. He may be in a movie befo' we know it. Wink

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Christian Bale is a top notch actor and Steve Zahn is damn good too, but usually he's in funny movies. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

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