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I think I was right all along about the clippers releasing him from his contract. I think when they picked him 12th, they told him they would pick him that high as long as he agree to sign for less for his third and fourth season. They tell him he will make more money this way because if the clippers didn't take him at 12, he would probably go in the 20's in the first round. So, he gets the extra money for the first two seasons, and then he resigns for cheap. They release him to get cap room which they didn't need but maybe for next year. The clippers don't play him and claim there unhappy with his progress. That way, no other team shows any interest and steals their player away. They even say Dunlevy had to convince Baylor to resign him. Lie. I am not a talent scout, however, I had good seats for the clipper home games and I saw Korlev in the warm ups. He was draining his shots. He looked very good. Is Korlev really as bad as everybody was saying. He's only 20. How many 20 year olds are ready to play in the NBA. It takes time to develope. Also, why didn't they send him down to the Developemental league. They didn't want any one scouting him.

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The thing is...nobody knows how good he is cuz he barely played at all. He's just skinny as hell, so other than shooting, I'm not sure what else he would be good at. But maybe they know something we dont...maybe they dont.

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I read on another Clipper site (sorry, I'm not a one-site man) that Korolev looks bigger...not only strengthwise but in height too. They list him at 6'10" and 244 pounds on the summer league roster...last year, he was listed at 6'9" and 205 pounds. Of course you can't depend on listings but even if he added half of that weight it would make a difference. I haven't been high on Korolev from the start...I think they should have picked Danny Granger....but one thing about him is that he is young. Maybe this is the year he'll show something.

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Whoa 244(!) now? I can't wait to see him play!

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Hey Clippersblue ... you read my mind on Korolev! I was thinking that in super-secret practices he's draining the 3's, showing mad skills and throwing down dunks that would make Darryl Dawkins cower! But wait until his contract gets cheap, then unleash him on the NBA. The next Havlicek, but for only $800,000!

... Then I wake up.

Seriously, I'd like to see him play, but I don't see how he fits on the roster. He's already no better than the 13th best guy and plays a position LAC has several of now. So he's sit on the inactive list all year.

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He must be improving if they haven't given up on him. Dunleavy donesn't play anyone who can't / won't play defense in practice (i.e. Wilcox, Maggette). The only reason Livvy played so much his first few years is he was a solid defender at PG. If Korevev can defend Maggette & Thorton in practice, he'll play some. Offense is not the issue.

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