Rumors: Camby Missing Out on Incentives

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Hey all,

Injuries are costing Camby - this could be where the NBA is headed in general:

Rumors: Camby Missing Out on Incentives



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Interesting article Eric. Looks like Camby saved us about $2 mill or so. Interesting that owners could start using incentives in contracts negotiations. I like that idea as we pay for what we get. Chris needs these incentives in his contract as does Baron Wink

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Yeah i like the idea of incentives.

they need a contract incentive related to the year after a players contract year. i hate when a player plays extra hard and puts up impressive numbers, gets a huge deal, and then sucks the next year. they should have a contract where the player must have numbers similar to the previous year to get extra money. that way it prevents players from having one good season that results in a few bad seasons with a big, bad contract. instead, with incentives, if that player decides to slack after a contract, he wont get an extra 5 million or whatever for continuing to play well

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well it's not official yet - camby can still get some of that money if he plays in every game left - he needs 2 more to get in another $500k - and another $750k if he doesn't miss another

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incentives are the only way to do contract. There should be a certain amount guaranteed for sure as you never know when a freak accident will happen. But at least half should be incentives...

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cough ,cough,,,,Kaman,,,,,,cough, cough

The thing is, although I agree with you guys,,,sneaky agents will fight for their athletes to not have those incentives because they too know as we do after the big contract numbers, generally comes the slacking off. every GM in any given sport would have to do the same thing or it wouldn't really work (not to mention players unions),,IMHO.

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Off topic but I'm watching the Nuggets and Jazz game and it's very clear Camby wouldn't have worked in their new system. Whcich is a shame because he is a shot blocker be in between the chucking shots and injuries they wanted to go in a different direction.

Birdman and NeNe are probably one of the best defensive big man duos in the league and NeNe is starting to develop a little post game to give the Nuggets an inside attack. Birdman was a steal and even in this game he only has one point but has 8 blocks some rebounds and has been redirecting shots all night. With Melo becoming a better defender and rebounder I can see the Nuggets being a solid threat in the West.

They need to sure up their back-up PG and SF spots this offseason but everything else is so solid (Dahanty Jones is gold for them) I see them being a top team in the West for years to come. Nuggets are Melo's team and he has his own Mo Williams in Billiups, upside Melo has been hurt this season and has been fighting injuries off and shooting has sufffered, so imagine this team with a Melo fully healthy all season.

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