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Clipper 6th Man
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Many people are wondering why Korolev hasn't played in any of the Clippers summer league games. I think the reason is that he's not officially signed yet. He has a verbal agreement but I read in one paper that the Clippers are waiting to sign him until the Francis situation is resolved. Korolev and his agent probably don't want him playing until he's got a signed contract so that he doensn't have to take a chance with an injury or something. Of course, I don't know why the team even added him to their summer league roster if he wasn't going to play. The Clips only have one game left on Sunday so it's unlikely that we'll see Korolev until the season begins...and hopefully we see him doing more than keeping that bench warm!

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Ah that would explain it- thanks BB. That's really too bad but understandable from his point of view. And yeah hopefully he'll be more than just an extra body to do a 5 on 5 scrimmage during practice this year....

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The story of this guy is incredible...He was a 13th or 14th pick being nobody...The only team which knew that this guy existed were the Clippers...I'm sure.And we picked him!!!Terrible mistake...Furthermore, instead of letting him playing minutes in Europe to develop his game, Dumbleavy wanted him shaking the towels (ups!I forgot he usually neither didn't get dressed!!") on Clipper's bench, because everybody knew that he wasn't ready for NBA...Furthermore now, when the marginal players are fighting for a spot in NBA teams he just can't play because he hasn't signed the contract yet...Incredible.He has been 2 years without playing more than 15 minutes in a basketball game and I would like to know hom many games he has played at least one second!!!!!And he's very young so he needs to play...The Clips are definetelly killing this guy

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Funny thing is that he wanted to re-sign with the team. He probably could've gotten more $ overseas too.

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