Is it possible? Thorton the Best?

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Early scouting reports said that Oden was struggling. I watch some tape of Kevin Durant and he looks....well pretty good, but, not spectacular, at least not yet. Many feel Thorton should have gone higher. Could it be that maybe we got the best player in the draft? Is this guy a possible candidate for Rook of the Year? I know it's early but he certainly looks like a player to me.

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This would be the best year ever if all these happened (or just some):


NBA Champions: Los Angeles Clippers

Finals MVP: Sam Cassell (who then retires)

Coach of the Year: Mike Dumleavy (oops I'd have to replace the "M" with the "N")

MVP: Elton Brand

Rookie of the Year: Al Thornton

Sixth Man: Steve Francis

Most Improved Player: Chris Kaman

Defensive Player of the Year: Quinton Ross (he's probably have to start at SG though)

Clippers All-Star Representatives: Corey Maggette and Elton Brand

We all can dream, cant we!!

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Oh and you forgot, Mike Dumleavy, Coach of the Year? Nah!

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I think it'll be tough for Al to be R.O.Y., more because those top 2 guys will have more playing time on their team. As for the scenario JLemm alluded to, that would be a crazy dream come and probably not too far from reality!

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i agree that he's one of the best out of this years draft and will be a future allstar.. he shouldve been picked within the first 7... but it's too soon to say.. summer league is different. even Tim duncan struggled in the summer league as a rookie.. he was dominated by Greg Ostertag in the summer league.. yea Ostertag. so who knows.. but to be honest Greg Oden is overrated.. he will only be a role player and not an allstar.. i'm guessing it will be against Durant and Thornton for ROY.. and possibly Belinelli as well.. if thornton keeps doing what he's doing.. and he will get playing time if Maggette starts being inconsistant again. it would be great to have him rookie of the year. finally the clippers get a break and get a great steal of a pick. hopefully they dont let him go in the future just like they did with most of their other picks

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^ The latter's quite possible to achieve. If more people believe in it.

I, for example, multiplied the "How to Vote Clippers" guide! Made hundreds of copies in multiple languages for folks willin' to help:

Corey's All-Star Army's got a lot of new members... B)


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