What ya'll think 'bout Shawn Marion?

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Clipper 6th Man
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Do ya'll see the Clippers trading Corey Maggette for Shawn Marion? This idea just popped up in my head tonight.

So what shall it be?

Clipper Starter
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Marion is a stud! As much as I like the Clippers as they are, Marion would be an upgrade.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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Id do that trade in a second, and im quite attatched to corey maggette. We would have to throw in Cuttino Mobley too to make it work salary wise though...

And id probably do that trade too... though now its far less appealing than the straight up swap... If Phoenix threw in Sean Marks then it might be a goer...

Clipper 6th Man
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Intersesting thought, but I think I would pass on that one. I'm not saying Maggette is better than Marion, I just don't think it would be a good fit. I think Marion is a great athlete who is a product of the "up-tempo" system in PHO which he has played in his entire career, not to mention it doesn't hurt having Nash and Kidd as you PG. He's a high energy guy that plays great defense but he scores a lot of his points on easy baskets and wide-open threes. Dunleavy has the team playing at a slower, more methodical pace with almost every shot being tightly contested and because of that I think his FG% would be way down and I think his strengths and abilities would get wasted in that style of play. I think he would disappear at times due to a lack of a real post-up game and become frustrated offensively. Marion would probably be better suited to a high octane team like the Warriors.

Site Admin
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I agree- Marion is probably better suited in a running team. Maggette should also thrive in a running team also, though Corey is probably better in a half-court set than Shawn.

Clipper Starter
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No, I'd hate to see the Clippers tradin' Maggette fa Marion! I may be biased 'cuz Maggz iz mu favorite playa and don't wanna see him go, but at least I'm bein' honest.

Clipper All-Star
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We already got Corey in sync with the Dunleavy style, there'd be no reason to trade for Marion. If we know for sure Corey's leaving next year, maybe it'd be different...but nobody really knows. Let's see how he plays though, also...I think he's gonna be great this year.

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Marion is one of my Faves. He's a lot more consistant than #50 and you know what he's gonna bring every night. A lot of is monster D. WE should take him in a heartbeat , Cap schmap. These guys should be professionals. That means bringing your game every night and not let your fans and team down. If you have issues with the coach. leave them in the locker room. If #50 is unhappy, will he show up? Will he continue to be an underachiever? Corey CAN be almost as good as Marion and he has the BLING

Site Admin
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Yeah I agree with JLemm- Corey is definitely in tune with Dunleavy in his new scorer/drive-n-dish role. He looked like he had fun with it and the Clippers had a lot of success. It'd be good to stick with what worked- I hope we'll see it carry through the entire upcoming season.

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