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I just noticed that Clippers.com has a Q&A up with Jared Jordon- here's a snippet: On playing in the Pre-Draft Camp... "My mindset going into that was I knew I had to play well and show I can play against the top competition. I needed to show I could run the team. I know I can pass the basketball and the athletes on my team made my job easier. The Pre-Draft Camp helped me a lot." On who he models his game after... "My game is pattered after Steve Nash. I try to do what he does, like pass the ball, and I have....

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Do u think he's better than Diaz or he needs to go to the NBDL for 1 year?

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I think he's ready to play in the NBA right now. His passing and court vision is better than most players. He's limited athletically, and probably needs to improve his jump shot...but other than that, he's the real deal. Diaz is still a bit raw, he needs to refine his game from what I've seen in the summer league. Not that Diaz absoultely needs a year in the NBDL, its just that instead of riding the bench or maybe getting a few looks, he can still play all year and improve hisself.

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Jared Jordan does a lot of great things on the court if you like to see him in Summer League play game go to: http://broadband.nba.com/cc/playa.php?content=video&url=http://www.nba .com/media/clippers/mdunleavy_070621.mp3&video=Clippers&nbasite=clippe rs

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