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Clipper 6th Man
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When they mentioned Al Thornton instead of Nick Young...I just dropped my jaw and just straight threw the remote at the television..

but now that I've seen Thornton play....man I take back everything that I said about the guy...Man he's a BEEAAASST!

Clipper D-League Pickup
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i've always knew he was a beast everytime he played against Duke and Florida..

Noah couldnt stop him, even though Noah sucks.

you should watch a clip on youtube where Thornton dunks over this 7 footer and rubs his balls all over his head lol

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Having watched him since his freshman year, I’m a big Thornton fan. When he was drafted by the Clippers I had mixed feelings, any negatives mostly stemming from the idea that we over here on the right coast don’t get to see many LAC games. But there are ways around that (nbatv) so no problem. I was very interested to see how he’d do in the Vegas league, and… damn, there come those mixed feelings again. Ok, he scored pretty well. I knew he’d do that. He hustled, got to some loose balls and snagged some boards. Again, this I expected. That’s his game. I don’t know that unstoppable is the right term, but when you combine that athleticism, talent and effort you’re going to get points. Thornton will score in any league. What I didn’t like was that he seems to forget that he’s not at FSU anymore! Al… the Clips don’t need you to shoot every time you touch the ball! (like you needed to at FSU) Man! Don’t get me wrong, I love his “in-game” effort. He’s after the ball, he’s up at the rim for shots… he’ll get LOTS of offensive tips because he’s such a quick jumper. He definitely plays all out. But he’s got to learn to open his eyes! If Al had Jared Jordon’s court vision you’d have… well, LbJ. Or pretty close. Hmmm… on second thought maybe not. Al also needs to improve his handle considerably, and his decision making as far as when to take it inside. On occasion he's more than a little wild out there. But I’m hoping that these are all things he can work on, and on a hugely encouraging note, he has throughout his career proven that he is more than willing to actually do so. One of the best things about him is that he does work on his weaknesses. I’m sure that the coaching staff, not to mention his more experienced teammates, will clue him in pretty quickly about that “tunnel vision” thing he seemed to have going as far as “I’ve got the ball… I must need to shoot it!” Work out those deficiencies in his game, and the Clippers will have not only one of the top five athletes in the draft, but one of the top five players. I’m really looking forward to the raw excitement Thornton will provide, but maybe even more to seeing the maturation process that will make him an NBA star.

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Yeah i agree...Thornton will find his niche in playing at "Full-NBA level". Hard to tell how good he'll be, but like you said his work ethic and athelticism alone will keep him in this league. If he gets better at shooting, decisions and ballhandling...he should be superstar.

Also, Jared Jordan will be getting assists like nobody's business once he's playing at "Full-NBA Level", where guys actually make the open looks that Jordan finds for his teammates.

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