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Clipper D-League Pickup
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One league source on Wednesday even indicated the seemingly unthinkable, that the Clippers would be willing to trade the top pick �" which they have already confirmed would be Griffin�" for the right package. The Kings could move down in the draft as well, with that possibility more likely if they target a point guard who could be available beyond the fourth spot such as Syracuse's Jonny Flynn, Italy's Brandon Jennings or UCLA's Jrue Holiday. Sacramento Bee

1st off it would have to be a "3rd team involved we get all the stars" kinda trade to even consider trading our top pick...

i would look to unload Camby 1st if anything or maybe even Al with both of them having a year left, and it could be even more of a sexy deal than trading griffin cause u get rid of 10 mil off ur books with camby and a young stud u can match for next season to keep

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You need to put more thought into this... The only people that need to leave are Kaman, and Z-bo's contract.

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This is all speculation. There's no evidence- don't listen to these rumors. GM's always listen to trade proposals but that doesn't mean that they will accept them.

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This is just a reporter trying to fill up space in his paper.

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What's the right package

D Wade + Beasley

Lebron + Williams

Kobe + Ariza

Durant + Westbrook

Nash + Amare

Nelson + Howard

Parker + Duncan

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Agreed, other GMs need to respect that we got Griffin and we are sticking with him.

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For what its worth,,there was a STH conferance call yesterday. On the call were a public realtions guy and Roeser and others. At one point there was a poll about if we should take Griffin, Rubio or another. The poll came back with 92% wanted Griffin, 5% wanted Rubio. So now they are askng us???? Well then listen to us for crying out loud.

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Dude there were rumors last year we were going to get the 2nd pick with a trade with Miami to get Beasley or Rose. There were also rumors Chicago was going to trade the top pick.

I dont think once in NBA HISTORY has a team ever traded away the top pick in the draft. They have however traded the 1st overall selection. Theres just no way we trade the pick unless someone was to give us something absolutely ridiculous like I dunno CP3, David West & 3 first rounders or like Josh Smith, Joe Johnson, Al Horford, Acie Law IV and 2 firsts.

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Is this even a credible source? I doubt it. People are trying to make us look stupid. Just cause we have Dum Dum doesnt mean we are.

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Yeah I think the organization understands how important it is that they draft Griffin.

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I just renewed my season tickets and, if the Clippers trade Blake Griffin for anything except Lebron James, then I'm going to personally find Mike Dumblevy and demand my money back. Has anyone seen Griffin play? He's a freak and will not only be an all-star, but a potential MVP. Much like Lebron, he's a 2 guard trapped in a power forwards body. The guy is 6-10, can drain 3's, and can pull of a in-between the legs tomahawk dunk. On top of that, he's a system guy like Tim Duncan who plays within the offense.

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Let us all simply pray that Dunleavy has this much sense. Bottom line is we're gonna get some class plyer(s) nomatter what, but its down to Mike to pull off the best we can.

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