Paul Davis shines well in Summer League Play

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Who will make the team between Diaz or Jordan?
Jared Jordan
 80%  [4]
Guillermo Diaz
 20%  [1]
Total Votes : 5

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Nice Performance by Paul Davis this summer League stellar performances by the big man 12.6ppg, 44% FG PCT, 8.0 RPG needs to take care of the ball and distribute to teammates. Mohammed Abukar is playing ok but he needs to go to the NBDL for 1-2 years and we'll see his productivity increase some I think he has a good shot of making the roster for 2008-09 season so as Diaz. Do you think he'll be better than Aaron Williams this upcoming season? All we're worried about now is adding another veteran Point Guard and will Diaz or Jordan make the team? It looks like Dunleavy likes Jordan more because he sees the floor very well. Tell me what you think about Davis, Abukar, and Diaz, and Jordan.

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Paul Davis is still a bit raw, but I think he's a better player at backup Center than Williams...but I'm sure A-Will will get used this season. I think Abukar might get a shot if we have injuries...he definitely needs the NBDL or to play in Europe...but he did show some good game. Diaz making the team is a toss-up...maybe the Clips staff will wait to see how he plays in training camp. I think he'll be on the team as long as Korolev's supposed deal is not official.

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I liked the Vegas league play of Davis, he was active around the basket, got the boards he was supposed to, and showed a pretty good mid-range jumper. Maybe best of all there was no questioning his effort. As a young player he should only improve. He seems like a good "chemistry" guy, a role player that is willing to defer to the guys who are scheduled to take most of the shots, while still doing his "blue collar" thing, and that's an important piece for a team to have.

As for Jordan, I thought he was downright impressive. Sure he might get exposed some by the Parkers or AIs of the league defensively... but who doesn't? Otherwise his floor generalship was strong, and he definitely makes some nice passes. If our guys had shot a little better he might've picked up an extra assist or two per game. He even gets into the lane much more effectively than I might've thought after hearing so much about his supposed athletic deficiencies. His shot needs some work, but that's what camp is for. I gotta think that the coaching staff was happy with the way he ran the offense. It will be interesting to see how he does in pre-season against vets, but based on Vegas I think he'll not only stick, but see time. Could Jordan's play be the reason the Clippers haven't made a strong move for a free agent point guard yet? Naw, that's a little much, but at worst he's good insurance.

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Yeah I agree with your assessments guys. Davis will stick (in fact his non-guaranteed year for the upcoming season was guaranteed by the Clippers recently) but probably won't see much more playing time than last season. I like how he showed a new pick-n-pop capability also. Jared Jordan will most probably see some time, especially when the point guards Cassell and possibly Francis start taking too many shots and Dunleavy want someone in there to distribute the ball better.

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Good assesment of Jordan...there's a chance he could be the new PG of the future for us...but that's really jumping the gun here. We need a solid PG to back up Sam and help Jared learn in his first year.

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Last year Williams was a warm body occupying space in the middle. He was an OK replacement for CK in a half court grind but Davis needs some minutes to gain confidence. As I mentioned in a previous post Jared needs lots of minutes especially since Stevie is a Rocket.

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