Francis narrows his list to two - Clippers & Heat

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Reports are that it is not that much about money. For Ageing vets, winning a ring is important. But unless you are going to be able to sign with the Spurs, you can't make a decision based on that. So it seems with Steve Francis, it will be more about playing time, minutes. Both the Miami Heat and the LA Clippers will be able to offer time on the floor. Long term, Steve could be better off in LA. For one, this could be Sam's last year, giving Steve continued big minutes even when....

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I keep hoping that I look up and it says that Francis signed with the Clips. I have a bad feeling that the Heat may win out though. He's going to get all the playing time he wants in Miami because they have absolutely no point guard other than the often injured Jason Williams. There's also the lure of having an easier road to the Finals with Shaq and Wade around. With the Clips he may feel like he's taking minutes away from his friend Sam Cassell. I hope that Mobley and Cassell are in his ear saying "Sign here and we'll all get our minutes!!" We'll soon find out.

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Of course, his "decision" may just be a game he's playing to make it look like it's a tough choice. Maybe he decided long ago to sign with the Clippers but doesn't want people to make fun of his "relationship" with Mobley as being the main factor in his choice. After all, he did have a great quote when Mobley was traded from Orlando.

Well Steve, if you sign with the Clippers you'll have a reason to wake up again!!!

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I'm also hearing that Houston could be the choice too. But yeah at this point I'm going to say it's the Clippers. If for whatever reason he didn't like the Clippers it wouldn't have been mentioned as one of his possible teams. I don't think he'd pass up the rare (and perhaps final) opportunity alongside Mobley in the NBA. That's not to mention that they'd be able to hang out more often. The posturing of playing time could be just to ensure that he gets some guaranteed minutes from Dunleavy as icing on the cake.

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