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Ok, we need everybody to chime in on whose left. Papa has not as yet signed his Euro contract, but that is a complicated situation. Many of us have been cheering for Earl Boykins. I think Jannaro Pargo and Brevin Knight are still available. Also, veteran Jeff McGinnis? Gary Payton might actually be a stopgap situation to consider if he would come. Jacque Vaughn, Smush Parker, Dee Brown, Jay Williams, and Derrick Martin are still out there. Has Jalen Rose been signed? Let me know if any of these names have been signed, or if there are other guys that I may have missed.

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Earl Boykins sounds better. Smush Parker is a last resort plan if everything doesn't go our way in the weeks ahead. I'd rather have Boykins over everyone else.

What if we get Yi from the Bucks for someone from our team...but who??

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Well, Yi is going to be good, but he is not a PG. We would probably have to sent Thorton to get Yi. $$$$

The Clippers have now backed themselves into a corner. We do not even know if any of the players I have listed above are interested in the Clips or if the Clips are even talking to any of them. We will probably have to overpay now. Pay 5.5 Mil for a 3-4 Mil player.

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I'll start a new PG rumor: Francis committed to Houston with the understanding that they would trade for Mobley:

To Houston: Mobley & Tim Thomas

To Clippers: Rafer Alston & Shane Battier

Alston is a PG who can shoot the 3, Battier was EB's roommate at Duke.

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Jacque Vaughn got re-signed by the Spurs I believe. I wouldnt mind Rafer Alston here, but we're gonna need to give up Maggette for that and I'm not ready to start Thornton yet.

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Good Take, ether. Here is a recap on Boykins.

The 5-foot-5, 135-pounder had perhaps the best season of his nine-year career in 2006-07. He averaged 14.6 points and 4.4 assists with Denver and Milwaukee last season. He shot 42 percent from the field, 39.7 percent from the 3-point line and 89.8 percent from the foul line.

Not bad, and in limited minutes off the bench. I got an email from the Clippers and I thought it was an announcement that they had signed him. Instead they were announcing the new Spirit Girls. Yikes! I don't think any of them can play PG, but I will let them play me in a little game of 1 on 1. Meantime, WE STILL NEED A PG!

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