The Most Important Rumor for The Past 7 years.....

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We're told that management also has decreed that assistant coach Kim Hughes will not be let go -- unlike the rest of Mike Dunleavy's staff -- to keep Hughes in place as a potential interim successor to Dunleavy in the unlikely event that the Clips and their under-fire coach/GM part ways during the season. A parting remains unlikely even if Hughes hangs on because, as you've surely heard dozens of times by now, Dunleavy still has two years left on his contract worth more than $10 million. ESPNcom

This is the most important rumor we have had in the past 7 years.....

Mike Dunleavy has been the worst coach in NBA history in these past 7 years with us...

In the 2006 season where all of a sudden sam cassel comes along we all of a sudden became the good team which then clearly indicates it was all about sam never about dunleavy...especially when u have season like we did since the departure of sam

Mike dunleavy has a Stalin type dictatorship way of play in which he( an Ex player) involves himself in every single play both on Offense and to the amazement of almost every single logical NBA fan/player he does it on Defense too

now since we have been so bad for almost a decade, u usually have rouge fans who would say...."oh the coach sucks" "oh its the coaches fault" and blah blah blah....

but what people need to really understand is Mike Dunleavy has an apocalyptic style of play....he literally calls a play on every play....i mean theres nothing rouge about it, HE LITERALLY DOES IT EVERY PLAY!!!

he also has a apocalyptic view of the team too...he seems to only want to step it up when is job on the line a lot like the 2006 season.. oppose to doing what he really wants to do and draft rookies like a ricky rubio cause of his dictatorship style of coaching....rookies dont know any better..

it is clear we are never going anywhere with this man as our coach...

its clear when u have baron davis, eric gordon, al thornton and even camby u DONT WIN ONLY 19 GAMES

baron davis our super star in november understood Mike Dunleavy is a insane mofo who never shut it up...and asked him too 'LOOSIN HIS GRIP ON PLAYS" and even went to the degree of going to the media and saying it...but it was clear threw out the year he didn't

i believe one of the most DANGEROUS thing that can happen to our team is to make the 8th seed next where dunleavy will walk into sterlings office and ask for an extension which would automatically conclude us to being the worst team again for the next how ever years....

so as much as it hurts me to say this but we must start off an all or nothing kinda of guy anyways...i dont really care much of going to the 8th seed and loosing to whomever we play cause of the stupidity of the coach...MIKE MUST GO!!

and another thing i wanted to add....Mike dunleavy undoubtedly is the DUMBEST man drawing up plays let alone calling em out and by far just retarded into coaching his team to work out of double team.... a complete moron when it comes to fundamentals

the only way baron davis has proven to be successful is when u have a system set in place instead calling it out on every play...

what does kim hughes, phil jackson. have in common??

they never get out of there chair!


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Just wanna throw dis out there, it shaq got traded to the cavs

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Bill Clinton

"I did not have sex with that woman"


"the unlikely event MD is let go"

I hope there is a parallel. If so who's buying the cigars?

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Yeah, I read that this morning. Well, lets hope that is the reason why Hughes is staying but you didn't highlight the full statement which states:

" A parting remains unlikely even if Hughes hangs on because, as you've surely heard dozens of times by now, Dunleavy still has two years left on his contract worth more than $10 million."

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im going to start a quit mike chant next season if he looses like he did last year (most likely)

if he quits he doesnt get the but it probably wont happen

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toohipcliptoslip wrote:
Bill Clinton

"I did not have sex with that woman"


"the unlikely event MD is let go"

I hope there is a parallel. If so who's buying the cigars?

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I truly agree with you, I get so sick of watching that idiot pacing up and down the sideline screaming instructions to his player on offense and defense, the guy is a control freak,and we will never win until he lets go of his controling nature and allow the players to play the game. Sam Cassell was a different type of player,he controled the floor,and would not listen to Dunleavy, he would dare Dunleavy to pull him out of the game,but he was going to be running the offense when he was on the floor,Dunleavy should not get credit for that 2005-06 season, without a doubt he needs to be fired like yesterday.

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With any other franchise he would have been fired years ago.

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With any other franchise, they wouldnt even consider signing Dumbleavy

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I agree that Dunleavy should go. Probably should have lost his job last year... I'd also take things Baron says with a grain of salt... The man is a jackass who's been in conflict with every coach he's ever had, including Don Nelson, who he now says is amazing. We'd have to be careful who our next coach is, because Baron would eat a new coach for breakfast. He'd never even bother trying to fit in with any kind of system that doesn't allow him to do what he wants whenever he wants.

If you ask me, Dunleavy and Baron deserve each other... Perhaps they can go to their next team together as well... If they can take Ricky and Zach with them, we'll have a great group of players to build with.

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