Smush to Miami, all other good guards gone!

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Now that all the best free agent guards are gone, even most of the second tier guards are being signed. All of the teams that need a player, even teams that don't need a player, are going out and strenghtening their rosters, except for us, of course. By the time Elgin gets around to signing somebody, we will definitely be choosing among the left overs that other teams don't want. Smush got a deal at Miami. Great for him. He is a good guy, he just doesn't play defense all that well even though he is good at making steals. 44% from the floor and 37% from the 3 will give Miami some instant offense off the bench. The Clippers instant offense off the bench will be supplied by............Elgin. He's suiting up.

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yea, i agree man....i don't know why we didn't sign Smush?? did he not want to play for us??? seemed like a good but decent point guard...and he wouldn't have to move....and we needed a point guard, at least for depth....he can make threes not bad, which we SUCK at threes.....let's face it, i love all facets of the game, but i'm sure there's a stat out there that shows that teams who make the least amount of threes are near the bottom in record....majority-wise...we shoulda went after jumaine jones last year....damn, i can't believe i jus said that, but that is what it's come down to...

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Does this make the Clips Navarro's best option. Maybe this is what has taken so long & so quiet. There are lots of details signing Int'l players.

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In almost all probability, Navarro will not be coming to the Clips. It'd be cool, but just not gonna happen.

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I'll start another PG rumor. LAC really is in interested in a Yi for Thornton deal. But LAC is asking for more ... possibly a trade of a wing player for Mo Williams. Then LAC uses the MLE to sign Charlie Bell.

Any deal involving Thornton or Mo would be held up due to the rule that you have to wait until 30 days after signing a player to trade him in a multi-player deal. That would be late August. So this is why LAC has appeared to do nothing: their hands are tied for 30 days.

But I'm in the "don't panic" camp. I'm looking forward to opening day whoever is on the roster (though I would prefer EB and Corey to match the jerseys I already own!).

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