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Pressing on at 21 The night Livingston injured his knee, he was told that part of his left leg might have to be amputated. It wasn't, but he has a new outlook now. July 29, 2007 - He can bend his knee without grimacing. He can use it to lunge sideways and to lift small weights. He can count on it now when he walks, which he does without a limp. It has been five months since the fateful layup, and the quiet kid with the thin, tight cornrows says his left knee "feels pretty good … considering what it's been....

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Thanks!. This was a great story.

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That is really cool stuff. I'm glad that he's able to turn this adversity into some positives by doing other non-basketball projects. I hope he keeps up the great progress and returns soon- hopefully by the All Star break!

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That's one major sad story from beginning to end, like how this kid wakes up every day wanting to continue one with a smile and a outlook on his future. Damn this kid is strong! I wish him the best of luck and wish there were more people like him!


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I'd love to have Shaun play for us next year (depending on how he comes back)...You know what: I think a big reason we havent signed anyone at PG yet is because of Shaun's recovery. They wanna be really careful with the contract of getting someone...because Shaun may be able to go in February. And if he comes back better or equal, that would be huge for us!!! If you're a praying man, start praying.

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Jlemmon43, That's what I like to hear....optimism. I haven't given up on this kid either.

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