May to come work out for the clipps

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May told me via email Monday night that he'll work out for Portland and Sacramento Tuesday, Cleveland Wednesday and the Clippers on Thursday. Most NBA executives are in Las Vegas this week for the annual summer league. So with May saying he's in good health and conditioning, it's logical for him head to Vegas for some informal auditions. Charlotte Observer

this guy was big out of college but was unlucky with injuries, his game was worthy of being a big part of a tar heal championship and he just wants the playing time, would be a somewhat good back up to griffin

im more into drew gooden tho!!!! i dont think the spurs are gonna resign him either

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I'd rather see May come. He's unproven in the NBA, but the guy has had injury issues, so he hasn't really shown what he can do.

With Gooden, you know exactly what you are getting, a lazy, soft PF, who disappears for most of the game.

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May is a huge bum

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wow May makes Iverson look controlled....this bum caused more problems in charlotte and is probibly one of the biggest headcases in the NBA........he also can't control his weight

He was so fat a year ago Charlotte put him on the physically unfit to play list.....meaning his ass was TOO BIG!

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He's not a problematic player like Iverson.

Anyways his career is on the same road than Mike Sweetney, Sofo...He can't control his weight and playing in the highest level with the best athletes in the world it's not enough with your suposed basketball skills. A pitty

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Its hard for some reason for some nba big men to control their weight. May had weight issues in college but still exceled because it was college. If he takes the minimum I say bring him aboard. He probably hasnt lost the skillset he showed @ NC. If he stays fat no big deal it was just the minimum. He can't possibly have a worse year than ricky davis last year.

With Zach being shipped out (whenever that goes down) and skinner out, another cheap big body wouldnt hurt.

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A future John Williams and Stanley Roberts.

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No more fat boys please!

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we dont need another stanley roberts or john williams. Even oliver miller comes to mind.

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Did Sean May have weight problems before the NBA? I was under the impression that the microfracture surgery he had a month into his career wrecked his conditioning. I'm somewhat sympathetic because, unlike Olly Miller and Stan Roberts or Hotplate or Eddy Curry (all of whom voluntarily ate themselves into oblivion), May's problems resulted from legitimate injury.

Anyway, there are probably better options for the Clippers, but if he can be had for the min, then why not take a flier? He could be Sofoklis of the South.

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