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Clipper 6th Man
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So lets talk about who will be an All-Star this season.

I say


SF/SG-Corey Maggette

PG-*Sam Cassell

Rookie of the Year Candidate-Al Thornton

*Sam Cassell will surprise everyone this season with his resurgence to greatness one last time! He will be a candidate for MVP with EB.

EB will lead the league with Off/Def Rebounds & Blocks

so whats your take?

Clipper 6th Man
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I hate to sound a bit pessimistic but...are you really serious? Now that would be beyond awesome (and downright surprising). I think EB has a serious shot of making the AS team again if he returns to the 05-06 form, especially since Garnett is in the East now so there's one more PF spot open. I highly doubt CM will even get any considerations unless he puts up some solid numbers. Cassell...very unlikely, as he'll be fighting for a spot against Nash, D Williams, Parker, and Baron Davis. No chance.

I think Thornton is capable of being ROY but he's not the primary, secondary, or even third option on the time. The limited amount of PT (unless Mobley, Maggette, Thomas gets a serious injury) will prevent him from putting up serious numbers. My pick for ROY is Durant.

Clipper Starter
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TheHonoraryFan's right:

Maggette is qustionable, but if its ever gonna come this would be the year...KG is gone and its his contract year.

It won't be easy for either of our cornerstone players.... But If the team is 10 or more games over .500 at the break EB and CM will deserve to make the '08 West team. The Clippers have to be one of the west's elite teams in order for them to make it via coach's vote.

EB & CM can put up betta numbers than AK47 & Odom and thus find a spot on the squad. Brand & Maggette have already proven they deserve All-Star honors more than Kirlilenko & Odom. BUT fans haven't been there to support them and cast some more votes... We just gotta show some more Clipper-love and take our stars to Stern's attention. You know the ASG is a popularity contest: if Way Too Many ppl wanna see EB & Maggz, Stern won't be able to leave our stars out.

Clipper All-Star
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I agree SmyLee...if Maggette has a chance to make the all-star team...this is the year. It's gonna depend a lot on how well the team does. Unless Corey goes to a crappy team and becomes a star there, this may be his best shot at the All-Star game.

Clipper Starter
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Clips84, love your scenario but... it's a little optimistic eh? EB definitely has an excellent shot at the All-Star game at PF, especially if we're doing well. The rebounding and blocks leads are a bit less likely though. He'll pull his usual top ten, but the lead? If I had to choose a board guy I'd say DHoward, who is fast turning into a monster. For blocks... EB is amazingly good at his size, but a healthy Camby is almost untouchable in the league right now. Watch out for that PTB number one draft pick in both those categories too. He won't be asked to score, which leaves him to concentrate on the glass and he's shown a definite talent for knocking stuff away. Corey an All-Star? I'd love to see it as it would almost have to mean that the Clips were near the top of the division. Otherwise... well it's just hard to imagine his numbers being prime enough. Could be though, stranger things have happened. Hmmm... not too many stranger than the idea of Sam being the AS PG however. That's a stretch I just can't envision. First off, he won't play the minutes will he? Second the competition's just too tough. Now then, as an ex-FSU guy I'd LOVE to see AlThor as ROY, but again I don't know if he'll get the burn. I think more likely that Honorary has the right of it and KD will end up with the honors. He'll surely get all the Seattle shots he wants and a nice PPG figure usually seems to go over well in the voting. Regardless, SmyLee is right when he talks about the fan voting. If EB or CM is going to have their best chance at the AS game, the LAC faithful will have to turn out in numbers!

Clipper All-Star
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Yeah I'd love to see Thornton as ROY, but his limited minutes as a backup wont get him there. But I'd rather have a championship instead. How about Al Thornton makes the all-rookie first team and we go at least to the Western Conf. Championships?? I like the sound of that.

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