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The Clippers will look to snap their 5 game road losing streak tonight in Sacramento. Will the Clippers be able to slow down the dynamic King guards in Bibby & Martin? And will the Clippers be able to take advantage of their size advantage down load? We'll see starting at 7 PM PST.

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Wow...the Clippers made some trades earlier today. I see they picked up some guys named James Singleton, Daniel Ewing, and Paul Davis. Oh sorry...I guess they've been with the Clippers the whole year but are just now getting off the bench. Nice to see. Dunleavy must be reading our posts!

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LOL!!!! I enjoy the humor, BB. I just took a look at the stats for the game. Singleton and Ewing got in. It looked pretty tight until the end, we must have gone cold shooting again. A case of nothing left in the tank or do the Clips need to start playing with some desperation?? Maybe last year's success is tricking them into thinking eventually they'll start winning again. They need to play Hungry with a massive Chip on their shoulder. They're too inexperienced to rely on the fact that they should be doing better this year. I want to see FIRE in their EYES !!!! Maybe i'm wrong, im not in the lockerroom or on the bench so i dont really know. Go CLIPS!

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Hahah yeah the subs definitely played, and for the most part played pretty well. I mean it looked like the Clippers played with a chip on their shoulder *tonight*- they were crashing the boards, going after loose balls, etc. They played team ball too, but couldn't throw the ball into the ocean. Hopefully the guys get in some extra work on their shooting before the game and play with the same intensity. If they do they should be fine against the Grizzlies even without Cassell and Kaman.

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GOOD EFFORT but why we keep shooting like that. TIM THOMAS was supposed to help from the outside he instead can't hit nothin'. Funny he shoots better with more pressure like time winding down the clock or somebody draped all over him but can't make no little chippies or open shots wat up with that? Shaun was the main man about time he should. GO CLIPS!

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It seems that we have played a bit better than past games for your comments despite the poor shooting performance...I don't know if the shots were clear or if they were forced but seems that actitude has been out there.this is the way.I supose that everything is mental.Mentally we have a stop when we play on the road.Once we have won 2 games I wanna think that this stop will dissapear.The Grizz without my countrymate Pau are the perfect opponent to break this awful streak

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Even though the Clippers lost, I thought they played a much better game here than in all of their losses. And in fact probably better than some of their early wins. The Clippers can't seem to buy a basket now. The Clippers do need to reverse the ball more and pass, but a lot of their shots were taken from wide open spots or at point blank range. The Clippers will get their shooting back, but they really need to tighten up their Defense. As I remember, the Clippers defense was one of the best in the league last year and was really what made them a playoff team. I think everyone, except for Dunlevy, is starting to forget that.

On the flip side, it's great to see a good game from Livingston from once. And the bench too! Like I said, even though the Clippers WILL lose games without the heroics of Sam, it's really the play of these second unit players that I think will carry the Clippers throughout the rest of the year.

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