Von Wafer to Clippers?

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yikes he'd help build a thin bench.

dude doesnt play defense and lasted a whole game during his last stint with the LAC.

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HHMMMM very interesting , I think this would be his 2nd gig with the clipps thanks for the post

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That was from july 3rd , it's probably dead now.

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This is old news. Wafer tweeted that weeks ago. Doesn't mean the interest is mutual. Since it looks like Clips will lose out on Sessions, a 2-way wing player is our main need.

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loved his game last year!!

but i dont know how it would work in a dunleavy system, adelman scheme compared to dunlevys is like waygu beef compared to dog poop

but id do it,,, knowing (hopefully) mike gets fired in the middle of the season or after...

id move novak to the 2 back up gordon but have wafer guard the 2 while playing at the 3 spot backing up AL......be a good mismatch to have knowing novak is

simply becoming the best pure shooter in the game..

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We already had him and it didn't workout. Why try again. There has to be other players out there.

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novak to back up gordon???? dude. no offense the guy is 6 10, and cant even keep up with power forwards. Opposing SG's would have a field day versing us. he belongs at eitehr small forward or power forward.

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Novak gets overwhelmed physically by power forwards and he's too slow defensively to guard anyone else. Novak has no future in the NBA as anything other than a long-range sniper... If the NBA were baseball, he could play designated hitter.

His only hope to play regularly in the league would be to pick up about 40 pounds of muscle so he can battle inside defensively, and hopefully retain his outside shot so opposing PF would have to go away from the basket to guard him.

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Well judging how his offense is limited and cant play defense, NY is probably best suited for him.. he'd thrive in D'Antoni's O.

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my dream come true...no one knows this guys potential...I hope we get him

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VOn WAFER? Are you serious.....he has such a bad attitude his coach kicked him out of the an important playoff game vs the Lakers this year.............you guys claim to not want Iverson because he said a practice comment and then want guys who are REAL headcases

wow i am glad you all are not running the Clippers (maybe if you did then you would also know that we already had the guy signed to a 10 day contract 2 years ago)

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VW seems to have a lot in common with MT - Never a lack of different directions to fly off to.

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Wafer would be a nice backup SG.

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I just don't find anything exciting about Von Wafer. He's a decent player who belongs in the league, depending on the team... But he's been around awhile now and is really suited to being a 9th or 10th man, who can play well in spurts. He's not the kind of solid swing man we need... If we can't do better, we might as well wait until next year, or keep on eye on the D-league. Somebody will emerge who is every bit as good or better.

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i also like wafer as a backup sg

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If the Sessions deal doesn't happen, I think picking up both Wafer and Kleiza would give us a great bench (with Telfair, Smith and whichever center doesn't start) and flexibility. You could divide the MLE between them (or maybe get one through a sign-and-trade using some of our TPE).

But then Ricky would never see any PT. Tears would flow. (Collins as well, but I have nothing against him).

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