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A few years ago...when they had Chris Wilcox, Melvin Ely, Marko Jaric, the Clippers used to practice @ the community college where I used to go to during the Summer in Palm Desert, CA. They would practice, do running drills outside by the football practice field. They were pretty cool! I got a wrist band from Corey Maggette after one of their practice drills (this was when he used to have hair haha!) EB gave a friend of me an autograph and picture together, she was elated! I remember Chris Wilcox checkin' out the cheerleaders during their practice and sayin' a comment about how short they were but still damn hot! Hahaha!

Another memorable thing that happened was when everyone was inside the gym practicing, someone slashed the tires on Marko Jaric's old Mercedes know, the kind that your grandpa/grandma drives? I think it was a Mercedes-Benz 300SEL [1986] was hilarious! Cops came and interviewed everyone in the scene, but nobody really cared b/c everyone was too busy tryna go to class or just completely ignored the fact that the Clippers were there...(i think i was the only clipper fan at that school)...

Oh yea...i remember Corey Maggette's car, it was an Aston Martin sh*t looked tight!

Anyone got a memorable story 'bout the Clippers?

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Hahah- great story there Clips84- repped! That's awesome you were able to see the players practice in your school. Hey great of Corey & EB to give you some memorabilia. That's interesting that Marko's car tires got slashed- wouldn't be surprised it were the handiwork of one of his many ex-girlfriends Very Happy

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yea i rememebr 1. it was crazy. mavs vs clipps and the best freethrow shooter nash missed both of his freethrows!!! andd glen rice made the game winner wow i went crazy that night!

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i hear Marko Jaris is an animal. The clips summer camp has been in santa barbara the last few years, and they stayed in the doubletree that i worked at briefly. I heard that he just tore up his room whenever he was there, breaking the TV and ****. I als heard that the players all went out and bought flat screens for their rooms to play xbox on haha. Lastly, i hear EB was the nicest guy around, and tipped real well.

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