Good enough record w/out EB this season

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Even though we wont have EB in the trenches this season, and regardless whether everyone already put the Clippers in last place, the Clippers still have a few players to reconsider everyone's opinions.

Clippers still have

Sam Cassell: Aging and on his last stride, he still has a heart of a warrior and will make the little things count b/c thats the kind of player that he is, he doesnt accept defeat and will do everything to avoid losing. He's still the leader of the team and will guide them the right way.

Corey Maggette: The Feud between him and Dunleavy was a costly one. But this season will be the time that Maggette proves to Dunleavy the kind of player that he is.

Chris Kaman: The big contract he signed will be on the line this season. Chris Kaman will have to be more aggressive and dominant in the middle now that he's going to be alone inside. See him play the same way he did two seasons ago when they made the playoffs.

Al Thornton: The young-gun of the Clippers must now step up and play to his highest potential. In some cases, rookies are given time to improve and most takes a year until they finally get the kind of experience they need to get better, but this year is Al Thornton's year to shine. See him play 2-3 positions (PF/SF/SG) but mostly PF/SF. It's time Young-gun!

Quinton Ross: Ross is the most consistent player on the Clippers team. Night in/Night out he plays in a high level and contributes in a big way. He plays both Offense/Defense real well. See his minutes go up.

Tim Thomas: He was signed to be the player that he was when he had his tenure with the Suns. The only thing that Tim Thomas needs to improve on is his aggressiveness! IF Thomas becomes a huge factor in the post, as well as, the outside game along side Mobley, this team could make some noise even with the loss of their star player, Brand.

Cuttino Mobley: Ever since he was signed, at times, he has shown that he can still play at a high level. But there are times when he completely slows down or shuts down when the game is on the line. But see him play more aggressive and show a little post up game.

Aaron Williams: He'll show that he can still play because he's a proven veteran. He'll contribute well this season.

Paul Davis: He had a good summer league. But it is different from the real show, the season is going to test how much improvement Paul Davis have had this year.

Players to consider:

Jared Jordan: Will game some minutes, but not enough to be a factor now that Brevin Knight will be on board. But still, see Jordan improve each game w/the minutes he gets.

Yaroslav Korolev: 3 years, basically no playing time=NO EXPERIENCE. But see that change this season. The Clippers will need all the help they can get from the bench. Korolev must now show that he deserves to play on an NBA team.

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Great post Clips84! I completely agree with everything you said... except for the most important thing; Elton Brand will return. He is EXPECTED to return 2 months into the new season. I am not taking anything away from your great post but I believe he will return. It might be a little wishful thinking on my part but the hell with it, I need to grasp at something positive going into this year's season. If anyone can do it...he can!!!!!

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Hoping EB returns too!

Imagine WHEN the clippers have improved tremendously w/out EB? and then gain even more confidence when he returns?? We're a team to beat!!!

I say...

45-37 'nuff to make it to the playoffs...

4th-5th spot in the playoffs!

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Pretty good read indeed, man!!

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Yeah good post Clips84- repped! I agree with pretty much everything you said except Thomas needing to be more aggressive. Actually I think at times he was a little TOO aggressive last season, especially in the post where he's not as effective as behind the 3 point line. I have no problem seeing him shoot open 3's but I don't like it when he shoots too many of those turn-around post-up jumpers since he hardly makes them.

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T Thomas just has poor shot selection, there are times when he should be aggressive (aka wide open) and he doesnt shoot, then 2 plays later he will shoot a turn around with 14 left on the shot clock. Maybe he can earn all that money he has made in his career this year.

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Guys, one thing we are is forgetting (or maybe not) is that if everyone on the team shows up, we can be tough to beat even without EB. Last year a few guys for various reasons weren't there. and we should have made the PO's With teams like the Spurs, one of their strengths is that everyone always shows up. Kayman can pull double doubles, CM can play like an allstar. What if Q really has improved his shooting etc etc.and if we can avoid Clipper Luck . Guys we ain't ready to roll over yet.

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It's time for Kaman and Ross to shine this year.

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The schedule is kind to us in November. 8 of 14 games are at home and teams are not to tough. But we better hope EB gets back before December. 9 of 15 games are on the road, and we are playing more tough teams. So EB, enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner and plan on being back on the court.

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