EB, Corey, and Al, OH MY!

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With the whole world starting to wonder if the Clips got the steal of the draft, I have been getting increasing excited. Summer league players voting Al Thorton "Most Athletic" and I am getting more excited. You just can not teach height and athleticism. And Thorton has both. And he is a scorer. Then I started to dream about EB, Corey, and Al on the court at the same time. I hope Dunleavy turns them loose. They just might start to calling this "The Clip Show"!

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That sure sounds nice- I sure hope it'd happen not long after the All-Star break. Congrats to "The Thorn" for getting props from other players!

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I don't know how much value one can put on my instinct but I've got this feeling this guy is going to do great things for us. I haven't felt this great about getting someone since the we got Brand. Jamfan gave all the reasons why I even feel better about our odds that this guy will work out for us and for himself. Can't wait!

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Yep, Al Thornton just needs to get better at some skills and he'll be tearing up this league. Considering he came into college with no skills and left college as one of Florida State's most prolific players...I think he's gonna pick up the PRO game in his first year and be a star by his 2nd or 3rd. Great selection by the Clips...at least we got a guy that, barring injury, has a wonderful chance of becoming a Top 25 player in this league. Now if Jared Jordan is the player that his supporters swear by, we should have quite the foundation in the years coming. If things do get dim with players leaving, we wont be waiting long before we're challenging the big dogs again. The progression of the Clippers franchise is continuing!!

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