I'm tired of Ramon Sessions - Desmond Mason anyone?

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Theres no new news. All news reported which is a joke, is the same crap we've heard the last 2 months. I love the guy and he would be an amazing addition to the team but face it the season is around the corner and we need to fill our last roster slot. So why not go after Desmond Mason?

We could easily use Butler and Mason as our primary backup SG/SF so they each get some quality play time. The guy ain't half bad and I dunno, just bored and thought I'd make a post.

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I think everyone is tired of hearing about the Ramon Session drama. Let's just get the deal done already. What's the holdup?

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dont need him

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I am as tired of the drama as the next guy but Mason is no the answer. Hopefully we can find someone to fill the need sooner rather then later.

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Mason is still recovering, he has been hurt, so why sign someone before they are 100% healthy

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Mason isn't the answer and Butler isn't very good I have no idea why people say that, but at least he's a good able bodies guy with SKILL to come off the bench.

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ehh Well he's a 32 year old whose game relies A LOT on athleticism and he's recovering from a pretty bad injury, so we really have no need for him.

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umm... who's ramon sessions!?bwhahahah

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Mason cant shoot at all, have you seen him shoot free throws? He's athletic but iono. But i agree im tired of the sessions rumors just get it done or move on.

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Nice Additions for the team either by TPE or free agents Tony Allen, Willie Green, and Ronald "Flip" Murray

as nice additions.

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