Clippers better than the Lakers again this Year?

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Clipper Rookie
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Hi All- first of all- great site! What do you people think about the Clipper's chances of finishing better than those sh*tty Lakers again? My friends all think the Lakers will do better but I don't!

Clipper D-League Pickup
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Better for sure- Lakers didn't make any blockbuster moves while the Clippers improved by signing Tim Thomas. Not to mention the improvement of guys like Ewing, Livingston, Singlton, and you know that Corey is going to play way more this season.

Site Admin
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Well barring any injuries the Clippers should finish higher than their cross-town rivals again. If you're the Lakers you'd have to worried about Kobe Bryant's knee and Phil Jackson's hips- they might get off to a bad start and have to play catch up from the get go.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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Hell Yea Dey IS!!!!!

Tha Lakerz Only Moves Were:

Drafting Jordan Farmar (They Gunna Have 2 Wait For Him)

Get Radmanovic (Ani't Tha Best & How Are They Gunna Fit Him In Tha Line-Up?)

Staring Lineup:






(If Lamar Is Gunna Play Power They Gunna Get Murdered)

Clipper All-Star
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Yeah theres no way the lakers are gonna be better this year. I used to be a big lakers fan, and the reason they won the championships is because of the leaders around shaq and kobe. Neither of their stars were strong leaders. I feel bad for Kobe because he is forced to be the leader on this young team. We have a vocal leader in Sam and silent leaders such as Brand and Q that do the job right and provide a path to follow.

Clipper Rookie
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Lakers suck!!! Smile Clippers are gonna take the city again!

Clipper D-League Pickup
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Having just got the tv schedule, it turns out that the first Clippers game they are showing over here in Australia is against the lakers on the 22nd of Nov... Very very keen!

The only clippers games they put on tv here last year were in the playoffs against Phoenix... So its a dramatic improvement (coverage moving from ESPN to Australian Fox Sports might add a nice element of caring about the local market... but then again, it will never be like the jordan era 90's where NBA was shown on free to air tv...)

Clipper Rookie
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H yeah you'll be watching an old fashion beat-down on the 22nd. Maybe you can get NBA League Pass or get NBA TV which will give you some more games. My friend's family has it and it's nice.

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