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Singleton has given an interview for a local newspaper..I read it on Obviously it's in Spanish but as I know there are some "die hard" Singleton fans here I've tried to translate it the best I can... Here I go: Singleton: To sign for Tau is a step forward in my career Next station, Tau Ceramica.How do you feel? I'm very expectant. I've never had any problem to play outside the USA. I love so much this game that I don't mind wherever I have to play it. Do you go out from NBA ready to revindicate yourself after not having minutes playing the....

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Singleton would have been a diamond in the rough! But Dunleavy didnt give him the opportunity to grow and mature. He could have been a great asset to keep for a longer contract b/c it'll give him time to improve as each season goes by. Watch and see...he'll go back to the NBA and sign with a team...and surprise everyone with a Championship ring!

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Thanks for the post Miquel. Yeah too bad James didn't wait just a little bit longer- it sounded like he signed right before the news of the EB injury! But I wish him the best of success and eventual return to the NBA.

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Yeah, that is true. He could have gotten a spot back and definitely more playing time if he would have waited a bit.

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