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Well first off heres my starting 5

Baron - Gordon - Thornton - Griffin - Kaman

6th Man - Camby

7th Man - Telfair

8-12 - situational fillers

In my honest mother humping opinion I think we need to play it smart. We have to do this by observing our big men closely to watch their health. When we play stinky teams like Minnesota, the Knicks etc. we need to really think about starting DeAndre at Center and heres why.

We can easily pull him out after a few minutes if he looks awful, I doubt Sac-Town, Memphis etc will pull up by 15 or more on us if hes on the floor for 5 minutes. These low par teams should be easy contests for us. Thus, Kaman and Camby can be limited in their play to rest them and save them for more important teams, like LA, SA, CLE etc. The big men on teams like Minny, Mil, OKC etc. may not be SUPER but they will allow Jordan to play at a higher level than him going 1-1 with Shaq or Duncan.

We should also consider limiting Baron during these potential easy win situations as well. Start him but keep Telfair on the ready so we can sub him in if a lead starts to get to 7 or more.

Theres nothing more that I would like to see than us go into the playoffs and shock the NBA community. However, in order to get that far we need healthy players. Thornton, Gordon, Jordan, Telfair and Griffin can play hefty minutes. They are young and can take more a heavy work load and a beating. Camby, Kaman and Baron cannot. Dunleavy needs to be intelligent enough to realize when a game is lost or is in the bag to allow these 3 key components to our season to get needed rest and lower game time play when it calls for it.

And also by allowing Jordan to start against OKC and other poop teams, it gives him more experience and a bigger chance of tapping more of that potential we know is there. After all, I plan on seeing him in the starting 5 in a couple of years, I just don't think we are going to keep Kaman, and if we do Jordan will be our 6th man. This kid needs to be developed, what better way than for him to get big minutes against these crappy teams that are oyung like us, that will and should become better teams in the future.

If a trade happens, or if Ricky can do something with himself I think Al needs to be benched and used as our primary 6th man. Al brings explosiveness and more depth to the bench, quality depth. If Ricky can start and give us a good 25 minutes and not stink, bringing Kaman, Camby or Griffin, plus Telfair, Al, Novak and Jordan off the bench would be devastating for most teams. It'd be hard to cover a team with a lightning fast PG, 2 big men that can play hard defense, a 3pt threat that is one of the NBAs top 5 in that category and Al who can run all over the place, hit jumpers, draw fouls, drive the lane etc. It'd be like another starting 5 out there when we rest everyone else.

But most importantly if Kaman, Camby or Baron has any sort of minor injury, even if its a sprained toe, bench them for the game. I don't want to see these guys out for 2-4 weeks with some BS injury because Dunleavy wanted to desperately keep a game against the losers of Sacramento close. Take the loss, we aren't winning a championship here. It's more important to keep these 3 up than it is anything else. They are our best teachers and the real tri pod of this team. Keep them healthy, keep them happy, and keep them teaching our youngsters.

And I say during blowout games the only youngster that should remain on the floor is DeAndre. His minutes will be the hardest to come by. I am confident Al, Blake and Eric can remain healthy however in blowout games whether we are winning or losing its of vital importance to give our roster fillers a chance to play. This is in case we have an emergency injury or need them for a special situation down the road. Allowing these potential specialists some decent playing time from time to time will help their morale and keep them less cold if their name gets called to check in the game.

So heres to a great season and heres to hoping DeAndre has a great season. Go Clipps

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Butler absolutely needs to be getting more minutes than you are allocating to him. If he isn't getting more minutes than Telfair, we are probably doing something wrong. He's actually, in my opinion, better than Thorton. But, I understand starting Thorton ahead of him. Nevertheless, he needs minutes.

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i like your starters but craig smith and butler are much more than just situational players. expect lots of minutes.

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Ras Butler should start over Thornton IMHO.

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^^ Butler will split his minutes between Thornton & Gordon. That's the reason why we brought him in. He plays both positions...

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Agreed. I was the one who started a thread last year stating novak should start over Al. Now that we have have Butler, it is imperative that he starts over Al. Al is quick and fast and young and a really good scorer. Who's bench players are going to stop AL? The only other top notch bench guys are Jason Terry (who AL can mimmic this year), Odom and thats about it. A solid 6th man is KEY!!!! and AL is more than solid.

Butler can spread the floor which will inturn make other teams more tired and make them pay if they double chirs or griffin down low.

BUTLER OVER AL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(nothing againt Al, infact AL is prolly a lot better than Butler, but for the bettermint of the team Al needs to be our 6th man)

Baron, Telfair, Collins

Gordon, Ricky Davis

Butler, AL, Novak

Griffin, Smith, Skinner

Kaman, Camby, DJ

That is my depth chart.

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Camby > Kaman

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A healthy Kaman is better than a healthy Camby. Kaman just brings more to the table. Camby is a great weak sided defender and that's about it. Kaman is better on offense, plays better on ball D, plays the pick and roll better, and is a better at banging.

Kaman gets a bad rap because he's goofy looking and doesn't dunk. There are numerous times when people bag on Kaman during or after games and then you look at his numbers and they are really good. You get mad when he misses an easy one or doesn't dunk, but you fail to realize that he shot well over 50%. People also doubt his basketball smarts yet Dunleavy has mentioned that he gives a test during training camp and Kaman gets the highest score.

Kaman's going to have a great year and deserves to start.

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Since this is only dealing with centers ive replied under the other thread 7150#67150

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I agree with everything you write except as other people say, you want more minutes for Butler. Not only is he clutch, he's one of a few on this team that can stroke a 3 with a high FG%, plus he can create hvoc for the opposition's defensive matchups by having so much more height than the average 2.

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I don't think we should start Deandre if Kaman or Camby is healthy. We have to make sure we can beat the crappy teams at full strength before lightening the load on them by taking out our starting C. I DO NOT want those disappointing losses to crappy teams like last year.

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Sorry ha I was hammered when I wrote this and forgot about Smith and Butler.

I just said we should use Telfair more to keep Barons health in good shape. I forgot about Butler and I think he should start over Al IMO.

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