Matt Pinto goes north

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Matt Pinto accepted a position with the Seattle Supersonics on Tuesday. He was a Clippers broadcaster. Was he any good??

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Matt is pretty good at describing the action. He has a pleasant air about him, and he is bright, too. The part about him that irritated me was his overuse of use of too eloquent words to describe the action. Not the way Vin Scully does it with his stories, either.

Ralph Lawler or another master of the mic might say something like "Sam feeds to Brand, who takes the pass and slams it" in a conversational way like one person describing what happened to another.

Matt might describe the same play like this: "Cassell transfers the ball to Brand who deposits it with authority into the basket." Techically correct, but not conversational. Matt talks the way people write.

So get ready for a season of Durant "raising his arms to block the ball in it's upward trajectory" rather than "Durant blocks the shot."

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Yeah I thought he was pretty good- pretty enjoyable to listen to. Proudad gave a really good example of the difference between he and Ralph. I wish him the best of luck in Seattle.

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