Never... EVER... underestimate The Clipper Curse!

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What's red & blue & benched ? Oh yeah, that would be Mr. Blake Griffin. Don't worry though... I'm sure your incredible organization will trade him away right before his break out year in the league.

The Curse is REAL... and very much alive & kickin'.

Google "espn clipper curse" and hit the first link.

Bill Simmons can not only gather a lot of FACTS from the Clipper past, but can also predict the future. Good lengthy read for ya before your tip off party tonight.

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You gotta be new with that name.

Dont worry CTB just another Classy Laker fan trying to bring us down

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F the Lakers! Everyone & their dog is a bandwagon'r for them.

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Lakers bandwagon is real

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Thanks for the info...clipfan619!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, at least use your original screen name....

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I know him (clipfan619), but sorry, your accusation is wrong. He's an actual die hard fan, and shouldn't be taking the fall for this. This is my own controversial way of stirring your guys pot a bit. I'll admit, despite my lack of shared enthusiasm for your team, I was actually looking forward to seeing if Griffin could start to get things going. The curse will not die though!

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Sure buddy.

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When I go to sleep ever night I pray Kobe tears his groin off in a showboat move,,,then the Fakers curse can begin. What better way to show your class then to crash a board and talk your crap before the season even starts......nice move.

Then Laker fans wonder why we don't jump on thier bandwagon,,,it's quality fans like that and an arrogant team and coach that keeps even the most borderline Clips fans from ever jumping ship.

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